Palm Kernel Oil – 5 Incredible Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil In Homes With A Baby


Palm Kernel Oil – 5 Incredible Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil In Homes With A Baby

During my elder sister’s Omugwo visit, my mother reprimanded her for not getting Ude-aki ready before giving birth, an essential oil used in a baby’s life. My mother gave her a stern lecture about the significance of this oil, and my sister and I just looked on silently. Omugwo is an Igbo traditional postpartum care given by a mother or mother-in-law.

Ude-aki, which is a popular name for palm kernel oil in the Igbo language, is a dark oil that comes from the seeds of palm kernel. It is completely natural and does not need any special storage conditions. It can remain usable for up to 12 months without spoiling, so if you make enough of it, it can last you until your baby has been weaned.

There are no specific techniques for producing ude-aki. However, there is a belief among some people that the oil made by elderly women is more potent than that made by younger mothers-now, that is quite superstitious!


How To Make Palm Kernel Oil

If you are curious about or considering how to produce palm kernel oil, you can adhere to the instructions provided below;

  • Collect a sufficient quantity of palm kernels and allow them to dry out naturally in the sunlight.
  • Crack open the palm nuts and remove the dark seeds from within. If the nuts have been adequately dried, the process of cracking them open should be relatively effortless.
  • Immerse the seeds in water and let them soak for a duration of one hour.
  • Take the seeds out of the water and transfer them to a dry pot
  • Next, place the dry pot on a heat source.
  • As you cook without adding water, the seeds will release oil.
  • Separate the oil from the seeds using a filter and allow it to cool down before transferring it to a container for storage.

Benefit Of Palm Kernel Oil For Infants

There are many advantages to using this nourishing oil. It is commonly used to improve hair texture and prevent it from breaking. Additionally, it can effectively moisturize the skin of adults and make it smoother. However, in this context, our primary concern is the positive effects it can have on babies.


Various factors may cause seizures in infants, and since it is unpredictable, it is recommended to have a bottle of palm kernel oil readily available at home. Applying palm kernel oil on the child’s face, head, and hands during a convulsion can help alleviate the symptoms and potentially normalize the child’s temperature.

It is advisable to also give the child the oil orally during a seizure. Palm kernel oil has also been known to treat epilepsy in both adults and children, and


The quick and soothing impact of palm kernel oil can immediately relieve any skin irritation in infants and promote fast healing.


The muscles in the anal region of a child can be relaxed, and the process of bowel movement can be eased when palm kernel oil is applied during constipation.


Using palm kernel oil on your baby’s hair can help to make their hair thick and soften their scalp. Babies have a soft spot on their heads until they are 12 months old or older, and black palm kernel oil can be applied to strengthen this area.

Skin Care

During childbirth, palm kernel oil is applied to babies, which is believed to prevent body odour when they grow up and make their skin glow. Since babies already have delicate skin, using palm kernel oil can provide additional benefits.

Palm kernel oil has tocotrienols, which are difficult to find and are a part of the vitamin E family.

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This highly useful oil has been found to be scarce in some households. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in the past, parents used this remedy to combat diseases in their young children, and it was even utilized as a primary aid treatment.

I suggest that pregnant women and mothers acquire palm kernel oil, keeping in mind that it will be used for a baby. It is essential to obtain 100% natural palm kernel oil, as adulterated versions may not be as effective.

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