Perpetrators of Sunday mass killing arrested-See Them!


Perpetrators of the Sunday massacre have been approached by the long arm of the law, Indeed, there is no hiding place under the sun

Perpetrators of Sunday mass killing arrested-See Them! Recall that pleas likewise threats have been tossed around in regards to the Sunday massacre that left both children and adults dead, with many calling on the government to respond to the bleeding need for security.

Perpetrators of Sunday mass killing arrested-See Them! Roughly only 24hrs after the women of Owo gathered to summon Ogun—the god of iron— to exercise justice on the perpetrators of the Sunday mass killing in Ondo state

Although their identity has not been disclosed yet, suspected Fulani herdsmen have fallen under the heavy hand of justice as a number of them linked to the Sunday massacre have been apprehended.

In a video making waves on social media, hordes of people can be seen racing towards the palace of the Olowo of Owo, directly trailing behind a military vehicle housing the said killers.

In another one, the Olowo Palace can be seen crowded by youths and likewise greyheads demanding more clarity on the issue and seemingly agitating against the said transportation of the suspects to Akure; the capital.

The final video is one of the Olowo himself addressing, in native tongue, the sea of people that have camped around his palace. He is seen trying to pacify the people and push forth an understanding of the situation at hand.

Could the apprehension of the killers be a result of the Nigerian abled security forces? Or a divine intervention from the provoked ritual to Ogun.

Regardless of whichever thought comes to mind, what is certain is that the deceased victims of the Sunday massacre can finally stop turning in their graves, as efforts to retribute have been made.


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