Pimples: are they food to avoid if I have one?


Pimples (acne) are caused by the overproduction of oil and a build-up of bacteria, they are inflated red bumps containing pus and decomposing cells.

They happen when clogged hair follicles are infected by bacteria and this can only be a result of large particles of oil or dead cells settling in one position. Pimples are prevalent skin conditions with a range of risk factors for every age and class; though everyone is susceptible to having them, it is most common in adolescents.

Symptoms; are they any?

Although it is very apparent, the symptoms of pimples are rarely given any thought. They belong to a spectrum that rises in extremity which equals the condition the patient is suffering from.

You may likely experience symptoms like:

1.       Large painful lumps under the skin

2.       Painful lumps filled with pus (cystic lesions)

3.       Small red bumps

4.       Whiteheads with closed pores

5.       Blackheads with open pores

While you must have been given numerous home remedies and cross-counter solutions with several ointments and what not to effect the healing process of acne, you might have not been told that your daily food regimen is a major cause of its inflation and spread.

It would be difficult to switch between skin care products and expect a change when the erratic nature of your acne stems from your diet.

The Health line suggests that foods greatly impact the general well-being of a person; this would include the influence it has on pimples. For example, omega 6 fatty acid initiates the increase of skin inflammation while omega 3 ensues a reduction.

For an individual plagued with pimples you should adhere to the following:

1.       Excessive consumption of milk; can stimulate the liver to produce insulin, insulin is a factor that causes pimples

2.       Cut down on refined sugar

3.       Signpost substances that irritate your skin; especially when they are agriculturally engineered, and avoid them.

4.       Avoid the excessive intake of ice cream; it can spike the rise of insulin

5.       Reduce the intake of products based on flour e.g. avoid excessive intake of bread, carbonated drinks, etc. they are products of refined sugar.

Duly follow the aforementioned alongside prescribed medications in order to effectively do away with pimples.

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