Praying -Steps to having your prayers answered in 2021


Praying -Steps to having your prayers answered in 2021


Prayer is one exercise that many people shy away from because of the wrong notions they have about it. The media, amongst a host of other determining factors, has made prayer look like either a sham or a very painstaking/excruciating exercise, mostly in Africa where one might need an energy drink in preparation for “a serious prayer”.

If one doesn’t pray or shout at the top of his lungs, prayer has not begun. That’s one of the notions people have about prayer, and that has been a major hindrance over the years.

Prayer is communication that should be enjoyed. It’s simply the created talking to the Creator, giving and getting information that deepens the bond of fellowship and caves in the divide between both parties.

The numerous definitions and expressions of prayer have somewhat left many “prayer warrior” angry and even frustrated.

Why would one embark on a six-hour prayer journey, for instance, depriving oneself of food, blocking out neighbours and friends, silencing phones and reminders, shouting, wailing, breaking, cursing, crying, weeping, wailing again and yet again, only to end up empty just like before one began or worse…emptier?

The Word of life can never lie. He says, ‘If you seek me, you will find me’ and ‘Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know’. So why the endless frustration trying to find the answer to the question on your ever-so-disturbed, ever-so-troubled mind. The question at the end of the day boils down to: What is the state of your mind?

Truth be told: the effectiveness of prayer beings with the right mindset. What are you thinking? Are you thinking defeat or are you thinking victory?

The Bible points out that He who must come to God must first believe that He is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. The first idea about prayer is the assurance that you will be heard. The heart must accept itself in its sorry or sad state and go before the One capable of cleaning and healing with the trust, hope that the heart will end up so much better than it came. The heart must be ready for change.

Next, don’t come with an agenda of yours that totally overrides the opinion of the Creator. The way to receive answers to prayers is to RECEIVE ANSWERS to prayers. Don’t approach with a shield and buckler, ready to knock off any instruction you receive from the Creator.

Many of us even know the answers already but we deceive ourselves into thinking we can bribe the Creator into accepting our opinion when in actual fact, he’s the original giver of ideas, even the ones you think are not worth being considered in your brain. He knows the heart. He sees all. He knows all and is willing to do whatever you want that’s in His mind for Him to do.

Finally, do not give away your power. There’s a grace, enablement that comes upon the one who humbles himself to receive what the Offerer has given to his follower, especially when it’s with sincerity of heart. The essence of sustenance and multiplication far outweighs the gift itself, for it’s in the maintenance or proper management of the gift that there’s a guarantee for the longevity of answered prayer and even the receipt of the next answered prayer.

The power expressed into you at the point of koinonia with the Master can determine the durability of the gift given. The life in a seed of semen and egg fused is the life that sustains it till birth. There is however a ‘watering’ and a ‘feeding’ of that seed that MUST be in place for that life to keep nurturing the gift within.

Anyone who misses this suffers a miscarriage undoubtedly. It is not the Master’s intention to have his seed cut off in you. It’s His plan for it to be birthed into fruition and then mature to the point that the world SEES what’s been hidden in the seed all along. It is pertinent to remain connected to the Source of life. That in itself determines the future of every life-given seed that has been poked by the energizing power of the Creator.


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