Relationship Tips – 7 Great Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period


Relationship Tips – 7 Great Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period

For many girls and women, having their period is a monthly occurrence that can bring a range of physical and emotional sensations. Periods, also known as menstruation, are a natural bodily process that occurs when the lining of the uterus sheds, leading to vaginal bleeding.

Physically, periods can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. These can include cramping in the lower abdomen, bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, and fatigue. Some women may also experience nausea, diarrhoea, or constipation. These symptoms can vary in severity and duration, but for some women, they can be debilitating and interfere with daily activities.

Since middle school, we have been told that it is terrible. Although we can’t completely relate to the physical discomfort or the hormonal Hawaiian roller coaster, I believe any guy worth dating can understand the discomfort.

Great Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period

Here are a few easy things we can do to make it a little less miserable in light of that.

1. Don’t blame her behaviour on her period. And that ought to be obvious. It is not only counterproductive but also invalidates how she feels. Is it a period thing for you? It is very rarely met with a composed response of, “That is it, I see. I don’t care!” Everyone becomes tense as she becomes frustrated and possibly angry. Stop doing that. Instead,

2. Be patient. It may annoy you that she seems irrational for whatever reason, but calm down. Instead of dismissing her as “hormonal” unless she is being physically or emotionally abusive (which, to be honest, probably has nothing to do with her period), try to understand where she may be coming from.

3. Her favourite snacks/foods. The situation is still a hormonal one at the end of the day. Because of her body’s chemistry, she will likely experience intense cravings for particular foods. She should receive them. If you can assume what she wants without even asking, bonus points. This makes you a good boyfriend rather than a saint or a saviour (or girlfriend).

4. Suggest a night out for whatever she’d like to do. Now is a good time to see that play she’s been hyping up if you’ve been putting it off. See any movies she keeps teasing you about. Just do it, whatever it is. You should always make these concessions, but if you’re putting it off, now is a good time.

5. Suggest a night in for whatever she’d like to do. Because, hell, she might not want to do anything when she gets home from work most of the time. Bring her favourite dinner, then let her relax with games, movies, puzzles, or anything else that takes her fancy.

6. Advil. Or Midol. Since most women already likely have something similar, going to your neighbourhood pharmacy is the quickest option.

7. Be attentive. After discussing the issue with a few friends, it became clear that some women prefer lots of attention and affection, while others would prefer to be left alone. Others prefer to strike a balance between the two.

Your responsibility includes being aware of those needs and factors. It’s simple to do and will strengthen your relationship.

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