The Untold Effects Of Masturbation you should know


The Untold Effects Of Masturbation

In our contemporary time, every breathing organism with higher intelligence aligned from the pubescent to the advanced in age waiting to bid the world goodbye is already acquainted with the definition of masturbation as well as what it takes to carry it out.

As Global understanding would put it, masturbation is a normal sexual activity where people drive themselves to the peak of sexual pleasure (orgasm)without the fear of obtaining any of the already know sexually transmitted diseases/infections, apart from procuring pleasure it Is also carried out for the intent of relaxation and to ease tension.

Like an uncontrolled fire, the rumours of masturbation resulting in blindness has been propagated not just globally but from generation to generation to be very frank, that is something only an inarticulate person would spew and something a mentally impaired person would perceive as upright.

Every sane individual with a functioning cognitive should understand by now that the idea of “Masturbation resulting into blindness” was formulated mainly to dissuade people from carrying out such activities, it doesn’t render blindness such notion should be repudiated as it has zero effect on the eyes.

All fabrications, as well as fables, would be sorted out from the facts under this article in regards to the myths concerning it.

You must have by now come across several other literary works (not necessarily medical) embedded with conceptions that indicate masturbation as one of the vices causing sterility, Genital shrinking, vagina shrivel, low sperm counts, mental disorder, and sedentary.

It’ll be at this point relevant to bring to your knowledge that those conceptions are false, impotency/sterility has a lot of causes in which masturbation is not one of them, simply because regular exercise accompanied with the adequate intake of vitamin C amidst carrying out other health protocols can be sure to restitute for the removed semen.

It is also impossible to come down with any genitalia dysfunction of any sort like sperm tube enlargement e.t.c because the same procedures through which masturbation is carried out only differ in the number of persons involved in direct comparison to that of a normal sexual process.

So if a “mastubator” is to come down with any dysfunction certainly the same thing is expected to occur to an individual who participates in normal sexual intercourse but records have shown nothing in relation to such, so it’ll only be appropriate to outline the whole idea of masturbation causing genitalia dysfunction as counterfactual.

The only justified aspect of that very notion is that of vaginal infection, it is already agreed among so many scientists that the number of bacterial triples the footprint of all humans on earth and they can be found on every surface, so inserting objects into the female genital would lead to infection.

The only Other feasible effect masturbation can have on an individual is more mentally and psychologically, don’t quote me wrong, I’m not implying that masturbation causes insanity or derangement but it can go as far as causing utter dullness and dormancy.

before an individual stimulates him/herself sexually he/she would need a trigger, it might be a picture or video but it would impose sexual arousal for the benefit of attaining orgasm. Once it is carried out the body, in the long run, would yearn for such experience to reiterate, thus giving birth to addiction.

In order to meet such demands the individual would fill his/her brain with pornographic content mainly because that is the only trigger that can lead to masturbation, this would cause hypersexuality, a slideshow of illicit images would penetrate his/her mind and play continuously as a result of excessive exposure to pornography.

It would become undoubtedly very difficult for that person to respond to stimuli when his brain is occupied and busy masticating on nudity, this would lead to a lack of focus, concentration and all-around generate poor performance.

everything with an advantage has a disadvantage and vice versa, masturbation has a positive effect on the human body although very hard to believe, it raises the level of Protactin and Endocannabinoids which lends a helping hand in regulating the immune system, it furthermore boosts the hormones and neurotransmitters that lowers stress.

It is believed by a certain theological society that malignant spirits tend to steal the poured out semen and use it to inflict bad luck on the masturbator.

As awkward as it sounds many self-acclaimed religious fanatics spearhead such belief it is quite sad to say but that belief is just mere superstition opium of the society used once again to dissuade people from indulging in such acts.

The proof of its voidness in factuality is simply because the Bible, as well as all other religious books, contains nothing of that sort, although the bible warns against such in several of its scriptures because it provokes God to anger, and makes the individual spiritually impure.

Now to you our dear reader, what do you think of this topic? Use the comment section to let us know your view.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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