Website Traffic -How to get traffic to your website for free


Website Traffic -How to get traffic to your website for free

In the world of technology, traffic is the backbone of any website and without it, a website is useless or meaningless. Starting a website might seem difficult especially for someone who does not have the knowledge of web design but once he/she can scale through with that then most of them also find this as a bigger problem.

There are many ways by which one can get traffic to a website and for it to work effectively, then you have to follow the hints given in this article properly.

Before we list out the different ways of getting traffic, it is important to know what traffic is and traffic is defined as the number of visitors to a website and please note that most of them should be human traffic because bot traffic also exist and it is very irrelevant to the website because it increases the bounce rate of a website.

There are several types of traffic and this article would outline a few of them below:

  • Search Engine Traffic: As the name implies, search engine traffic is traffic gotten directly from search engines such as google, bing, Yandex, and others, and this traffic is the best that any website can get.
  • Social Traffic: Social traffic is traffic that is gotten via social media and this includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest amongst others.
  • Referral Traffic: This is traffic gotten when people are referred to your website from another website or via word of mouth.

There are several things to note about traffic and they are:

  1. Quality of traffic matters most and not the quantity
  2. Bot traffic is an irrelevant traffic
  3. Search engine traffic is the best

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There are methods that once implemented can improve the amount of traffic to your website and some of them are:

Pay Attention to Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is how a site is optimized so that it can rank well on search engines and it is important to note that bots are the ones in charge of the rankings so if you do not know SEO properly, then you would pay dearly for it. SEO is divided into two categories namely:

On-Page SEO: These are things that you do on your page to make it rank well and this may include optimizing your title, use keywords amongst others.

Off-Page SEO: These are things you do off your page to help your website rank and some of them include building backlinks and there is also another aspect of off-page SEO known as technical SEO and this part involves monitoring the technical part of your website via google search console and once you notice any problem, you rectify it.

SEO can be learned for free so ensure to visit websites like,, and and also ensure that you implement the steps given in any of their posts.

Create a Business Page For Your Business: Every business should have a business page available on all social media platforms because a lot of people are currently active on social media and platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are good platforms to create a business page.

Finally, business pages can also improve the visibility of your website because Google also ranks pages especially Facebook and Pinterest pages and once it sees a link connected to the page that it ranking, it would immediately boost the website attached to that page furthermore, if someone makes a search for a keyword on a social media platform that your websites specialize on then your page would immediately show up and this is how some top websites get their traffic.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is a great way of gaining referral traffic and guest posting is the act of writing an article on another website that is not yours for free. One of the best writers in Nigeria who currently own started with guest posting ad this improved his visibility and he was also featured on top websites like Forbes. HARO which is known as Help a Reporter Out is a great way of finding websites where you can guest post and in return, you would get a link to your website.

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Writing Quality Contents: The importance of quality cannot be overemphasized and this also applies to writing. Search engines are able to calculate the amount of time a user stays on your website and if the bounce rate is high then you would go down in rankings so ensure that you publish articles that would keep people on your page for a very long time and that would also want them to come back to your website whenever they are looking for further information.

There are many other ways of increasing traffic to your website but the ones mentioned above are the fundamental ones from which others are derived from so ensure that you implement whatever you have learned from this post and get back to us once you have positive results.


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