4 Examples of Wedding Gowns for fat brides


4 Examples of Wedding Gowns for fat brides


A wedding gown is one important thing to look out for in a wedding. Unconsciously, the focus of every wedding guest is the wedding gown of a bride in every wedding ceremony. It gets so interesting that people go for wedding parties just to see how fashionable a bride can be and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The bride on her part wants to be the centre of attraction without trying so hard to make a loud statement with her dress, with the intention to look stunning as it is a very important day. The process of getting a wedding dress is tasking yet very significant in the lives of ladies or soon to be brides, they see it as a time to bond with friends and parents, siblings, depending on who chooses to make the journey with them.

Every other thing might look like trash but not the wedding dress of a bride. Getting a pretty wedding dress is one thing and getting a pretty wedding dress for a plus-size bride to be is another.

What is Plus size?

A plus size is a person whose body size is within size 18 and above. There are specific kinds of clothing people within this range can wear and look stunning. A plus size clothing is one considered or set aside for people who are big or obsessed.

A wedding dress for plus size brides is not much of a task especially when the bride in question has specifics of what exactly she wants and how she wants to look on her big day. There are beautiful wedding gowns for slim brides and there are wedding gowns for plus size or fat brides. A wedding gown which will look beautiful on a slim bride may not look as such on a fat bride.

Types of Wedding gowns

There are many different wedding gowns; different people have different preferences and most importantly, go for what will suit their body types. Here are the most common wedding gowns used by most brides around the globe.

Trumpet wedding gowns
A-line wedding gowns
Ball gowns
Mermaid gowns
Tea length wedding gowns
Column gowns
Empire waist gowns, etc.

These gowns among others speak class, style and simplicity among brides and their bridal train or bridesmaids. A bride who is of a plus size may likely go for a mermaid dress. If a plus size bride wants to go for a wedding gown and wants the mermaid look, a trumpet gown or a long tea length gown can also look amazing for any set of bridesmaids. The most preferred wedding gown for a plus sized bride is the ball gown.

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Examples of wedding gowns for fat brides

Among the numerous kinds of wedding gowns any soon to be bride can choose to go for, regardless, a plus sized bride because of the uniqueness of their looks will not pick just anything, especially the wedding gowns for a slim bride.

A plus size bride may want something to enhance the beautiful curves and pick a fitted dress, another plus size bride can choose to pick a dress to cover all the curves in order to not reveal too much. However, there are specific wedding gowns every plus size soon to be bride should look out for, they are:

The Mermaid dresses:

The Mermaid dress is a perfect wedding gown for a plus size bride. The nature of thus dress is to enhance the beautiful curvy shapes and sides of whoever is wearing it. When a fat bride wears a mermaid dress, she is never wrong. A slim bride can equally wear a mermaid wedding gown on her big day if she has all the curves because that is where all the beauty lies.

Wedding Gowns for fat brides
Wedding Gowns for fat brides

The Ball Gown:

A ball gown is a perfect pick for any bride who wants to be the princess of her big day. The ball gown is good at hiding all the parts of a body that a bride wouldn’t want to show off and it is absolutely not a problem because she decides what she wants and how she wants to look.

The important thing is that she looks beautiful and is happy on her big day. An Off shoulder gown can make a plus size bride look hot and edgy. While covering up with the dress, showing off a little skin tells that a bride is comfortable in her skin.

Ball wedding Gown
Ball wedding Gown -Wedding Gowns for fat brides

The Apple Shaped gown:

This is another long beautiful wedding gown with its uniqueness. It usually has a V-neck, to make the entire dress look chic.

Apple Shaped wedding gown fat bride
Apple Shaped wedding gown fat bride -Wedding Gowns for fat brides

The Empire waist dress:

An Empire waist dress is usually a sleeveless with a big belt to help a plus size bride look a little snatched on the waist. It also has a V-neck and is lengthy.

Empire waist wedding dress
Empire waist wedding dress

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The wedding dress you pick can contribute to your confidence and the joy you expel on your big day. You sure do not want to go wrong with your wedding dress. This article can go a long way in helping you pick a wedding dress for your big day. Congratulations as you become a bride, Cheers!


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