3 Functions of airplane mode in mobile phones you should know


Functions of airplane mode in mobile phones

Every day new gadgets are being produced and also bought by people. We often use buy phones or laptops based on specifications which we need or buy based on our present financial situation. When we get phones, we enjoy the new fill of a brand-new phone or device. We enjoy its features and compare it to our previous phones or gadgets. 

They are so many features and settings on a mobile device, most of the features we use and most of them we end up not even knowing what they are used for or that they even exist on our devices until we one day stumble upon it when fiddling with our phone. We have functions like Bluetooth, screenshots, screen recording, WIFI, hotspot, airplane mode, split-screen, cast screen and so many other features on our mobile devices

Most of us don’t know the functions of some features, most of us use the features which we are more conversant with and leave the rest simply because we don’t know what they are used for. After a while when we end up stumbling upon these features and actually coming to understand and know what the features do, we find out that it becomes something we often use and actually needed but didn’t know it actually existed in our phones. 

One of the features which we will be looking at is the flight mode option or also known as airplane mode. This feature has its use which some of us do not know what it is used for.

What is airplane mode?

Airplane mode, also known as flight mode, is a feature on a mobile device or portable computers that when activated, disables all wireless features on the device. When airplane mode is activated on a device, it switches off Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile network and every other. Wireless connections on your device. 

Airplane or flight mode does not stop you from using your mobile device, it just stops you from going online or receiving any wireless signals to your phone. 

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The functions of Airplane Mode 

  • Airplane mode disables your phone from connecting to cellular towers, this means you will not receive calls or even text messages on your device when this feature is turned on. 
  • When the airplane mode is turned on, it disconnects you from any WiFi network and also shorts down your phones portable hotspot. With this feature on, you cannot identify or connect to any nearby network. 

The airplane mode stops you from actually using your Bluetooth, it restricts Bluetooth file transfers. 

  • In some smartphones, airplane mode is also permitted to disable the phones GPS function on your phone, making your location not visible to others. 

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Reasons for using airplane mode 

  • For safety reasons. When on a flight to other countries or state, it is much advisable to turn on your airplane mode for safety reasons. Aircraft works on navigational systems which uses radio signals and when your phone is active on the aircraft, it can interfere with the signals being received on the aircraft by the pilots and by this affects the pilots work which may lead to plane crash. 
  • Airplane made can be activated when your kids are using your phone in order to prevent them from going online or using your network features. 
  • Airplane mode is often used by many to try preserve the little battery which they have left on their devices. When airplane mode is turned on, it disconnects many features that uses up your battery and gives they battery more life. 

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Can you use Bluetooth or WiFi when on airplane mode?

Your Bluetooth can be used when on airplane mode. After you have activated your airplane mode, you can actually switch on your Bluetooth but you can only use short-range Bluetooth devices like your headphones or wireless keyboards. 

As for the WiFi, you can use WiFi on airplane mode only if your airplane offers in-flight WiFi.

Before you use this features on an aircraft when your flight mode is actually turned on, you should always sick permission from the flight attendant first. 


Our phones have so many features that we sometimes do not know its functions. We often stumble upon them and find out its a feature we actually like and we start using more often. 

Are there other uses or functions of flight mode you would want us to know? You can use the comment section below.


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