What Are Phobias? Types, 12 symptoms, Causes And Treatments of Phobias


What Are Phobias? Types, Causes, And Treatments of Phobias

A phobia is an illogical fear of something unlikely to cause harm.

A phobia is considered as a form of anxiety clutter, the word “phobia” originates from a Greek word known as “phobe” which means horror or fear, this alone explains the definition of the term.

Phobias are seen as learned emotional responses. It is generally known that phobia’s betides when fear produced by an original threatening situation I transferred to other situations sharing similitude with that fear infested past event. Like take, for example, unnecessary fear of water is called hydrophobia, this night result from a past experience of almost drowning.

People with phobia radically avoid anything related to their phobic experience a formal way of suppressing irrational anxiety.


Some of the most common phobias known to man have being pinpointed out after studies were carried out by the American Psychiatric Association and documented in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, Fifth edition.


Agoraphobia is the fear of places PR situations that you can’t escape from. The word naturally means “fear of open spaces” individuals living with such detests open spaces, large crowds mainly because they tend to be petrified when in the midst of such. These are the kind of people that do everything humanly possible to avert any cause that would draw them to open spaces.

Acrophobia causes the mind to derail, they feel they can come down with a panic attack in places they can’t escape. Those with chronic health problems fear they’ll have a medical emergency in public areas far from medical reach.

Social phobia

This is also known as a social anxiety disorder. You wonder why they’re lots of introverts, this might possibly be the reason, but it still hovers around hypothetical. Social anxiety disorder is an extreme worry about social situations it can lead to self-isolation.

As simple as it sounds it can be severe to the point that simple interaction, such as answering a telephone or waving can send the person into a state of panic. People with this kind of phobia don’t show up for public assembly.

Causes of Phobia

The causes of phobia are always either genetic or environmental factors. If a kid comes down with a certain kind of phobia, his/her parents and relatives are partial contributors to such, as a child can be in danger of having a phobia if any close relative has one.

Life-threatening events such as a car accident or excess exposure to pain can cause Amaxophobia (fear of riding a car) or Aglophobia, passive life experience can very much be a contributor to phobia as the chances of it reoccurring again are ascertained.

Symptoms of phobia

All ailments and disorders always have traits. The most common symptom of a phobia is a panic attack, some of the features of a panic attack are;

  • Dry mouth.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Nausea.
  • Chest pain.
  • Racing heart.
  • Rapid speech, or inability to speak.
  • Stomach upset.
  • Trembling.
  • Chest pain.
  • A choking sensation.
  • Sweating.
  • A sense of impending doom.

Treatments of phobia

Most treatments for phobias are mostly involved medication or are therapeutical.


One of the reasons for the creation of Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can help calm emotional and physical reactions to fear.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT is the most predominantly used treatment for phobias. It entails exposure to the phobic experience in such a controlled way so as to make the person accustomed to such experience. He’ll from time to time see such traumatic experience as a normal thing.

The therapy is pivoted on changing negative inflicting thoughts, dysfunctional beliefs, and negative reactions to the phobic situation.

On a related note here are some of the most phobias commonly experienced by individuals.

Achluophobia- fear of darkness.

Acrophobia- fear of heights.

Aerophobia- fear of flying.

Algophobia- fear of pain.

Agoraphobia- fear of open spaces.

Aichmophobia- fear of pointed objects or needles.

Amaxophobia- fear of riding in a car.

Androphobia- fear of men.

Anginophobia- fear of angina or choking.

Anthropophobia- fear of flowers.

Anthropophobia- fear of people orb society.

Aphenphosmphobia- fear of being touched.

Arachibutyrophobia- fear of peanut butter.

Arachnophobia- fear of spiders.

Arithmophobia- fear of numbers.

Astraphobia- fear of lightning and thunder

Amaxophobia- fear of untidiness.

Atelophobia- fear of imperfection.

Atychiphobia- fear of failure.

Automatonophobia- fear of Human-like figures(mannequin).

Autophobia- fear of being left alone.


Bacteriophobia- fear of bacteria.

Barophobia- fear of gravity.

Bathmophobia- fear of stairs or steep slopes.

Batrachophobia- fear of amphibians.

Belonephobia- fear of pins and needles.

Bibliophobia- fear of books.

Botanophobia- fear of plants.


Cacophobia- fear of ugliness.

Catagelophobia- fear of being ridiculed.

Catoptrophobia- fear of mirrors.

Chipnophobia- fear of snow.

Chromophobia- fear of colors.

Chronometrophobia- fear of clocks.

Chronophobia- fear of time.

Claustrophobia- fear of confined spaces.

Coulrophobia- fear of clowns.

Cyberphobia- fear of computers.

Cynophobia- fear of dogs.


Dendrophobia- fear of trees.

Dentophobia- fear of the dentist.

Dematophobia- fear of houses.

Dystychiphobia- fear of accidents.


Ecophobia- fear of the home.

Elurophobia- fear of cats.

Entomophobia- fear of insects.

Ephebiphobia- fear of teenagers.

Equinophobia- fear of horses.


Gamophobia- fear of marriage.

Genuphobia- fear of knees.

Glossophobia- fear of speaking in public.

Gynophobia- fear of women.


Haphephobia- fear of touch.

Heliophobia- fear of the sun.

Hemophobia- fear of blood.

Herpetophobia- fear of reptiles.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- fear of long words.

Hydrophobia- fear of water.

Hypochondria- fear of illness.


Iatrophobia- fear of doctors.


Koinophobia- fear of rooms.

Koumpounophobia- fear of buttons.


Leukophobia- fear of white.

Lilapsophobia- fear of tornadoes or Hurricanes.

Lockiophobia- fear of childbirth.


Mageirocophobia- fear of cooking.

Megalophobia- fear of large things.

Melanophobia- fear of black.

Micro phobia- fear of minute things.

Mysophobia- fear of dirt and germs.


Necrophobia- fear of death or dead things.

Noctiphobia- fear of the night.

Nosocomephobia- fear of hospital.

Nyctophobia- fear of the dark.


Obesophobia- fear of gaining weight.

Octophobia- fear of the figure 8.

Ombrophobia- fear of rain.

Ophidiophobia- fear of snakes.

Ornithophobia- fear of birds.


Papyrophobia- fear of paper.

Pathophobia- fear of diseases.

Pedophobia- fear of children.

Philematophobia- fear of kissing.

Philophobia- fear of love.

Phobophobia- fear of phobias.

Pedophobia- fear of feet.

Porphyrophobia- fear of purple.

Pteridophobia- fear of ferns.

Pteromerhanophobia- fear of flying.

Pyrophobia- fear of fire.


Samhainophobia- Fear of Halloween.

Scolionophobia- fear of school.

Scoptophobia- fear at being stared at.

Selenophobia- fear of the moon.

Sociophobia- fear of social evaluation.

Somniphobia- fear of sleep.


Tachophobia- fear of speed.

Taurophobia- fear of bulls.

Technophobia- fear of technology.

Tonitrophobia- fear of thunder.

Trypanophobia- fear of injections( syringe and needles).

Trypophobia- fear of holes.


Venustraphobia- fear of attractive women.

Germanophobia- fear of germs.


Wiccaphobia- fear of witches and witchcraft.


Xenophobia- fear of strangers or foreigners.


Zoophobia- fear of animals.

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