When Kidnapped Or Robbed -Few Tips to Take When Kidnapped Or Robbed


When Kidnapped Or Robbed -Few Tips to Take When Kidnapped Or Robbed

You won’t ever see yourself as a victim of social vices such as kidnap, rape, robbery. But what matters doesn’t mostly revolve around what you think for yourself, nobody ever imagined they’ll die by a gun wound, or explosion, or rather be a core item for rituals but it happened they were victims of such.

As an individual, there is no difference between you and some of the kidnapped people that were later killed except maybe they were at the right place at the wrong time and they were ignorant, they probably should have read this article lol.

Being unaware of what fate holds for you in the next 24 hours while amid unidentified hungry Nigerians with the intention of hurting you and your family either physically or financially can be somewhat scary.

But those who have studied the subject offer the following suggestions to people who may be kidnapped. Below are few tips to take if kidnapped.

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-cooperate with them, whatever transpired in the movie “Taken” shouldn’t be imitated under any circumstances, believe me being obstinate would subject you to harsh treatment. Antagonistic hostages always possess a greater risk of being killed first.

  • do everything possible to avoid panic and weeping, some kidnappers get pissed off by the incessant lamenting, panicking, and moaning of their victim, and for that only, They might choose to reward the victim with a swift death.
  • try to establish a daily routine.
  • keep track of time.
  • Exercise daily, irrespective of your condition and limited movements.
  • endeavor to be observant, memorize every detail of your surrounding, including your kidnappers.
  • engage in small talks, try to make contact with them. If they see you are relatable, they might choose to spare you.
  • address them politely, they are currently judge and executioner, they decide if you are permitted to see the next day or not, so you won’t want to piss them off by being arrogant.
  • do not negotiate your ransom with them, never!.
  • if you find yourself in the middle of a rescue attempt, drop to the floor and wait patiently as events unfold.


Everybody values their life as well as their properties, the more reason to why they won’t want to lose either during a robbery attack. Most people have been killed while others severely injured due to something they know little about.

Most people feel criminals while Carrying out their operation still have little human sympathy in them, that belief has guided many to an untimely death. An armed robber carries a gun to remove all obstacles preventing him from achieving his goals, they don’t mind shooting a fellow human in the head if deemed a threat or opposition.

If you are not Tom Cruise or James Bond it’s best to adhere to these simple instructions, except if sleeping in a coffin has been one of your dreams in life.

  • whenever there is a bank robbery we always see the thick-headed security man making a run towards the exit, he is always the first to run away, that’s how dangerous the situation is if someone of that status can flee for his life in fear and you can’t do the same it’s best to adhere to whatever instruction is given at that point, note; muscles or height can’t save anyone at this point, even if you are the size of a silverback gorilla a single bullet can still kill you so it’s best to follow their instructions.
  • don’t start a discussion with anyone, not even your best friend or mom, just keep calm.
  • if asked to lie down, be the first to do so, any sheer sign of obstinacy can reduce the country’s population by one. Most robbers love to show dominance, they carry weapons around not for only protection but to show who’s boss, giving them the idea that you’ll obey their every word really arouses them.
  • do not stare directly at the faces of armed robbers. Gazing at them directly might give them the impression that you recognize them. Every robber’s worst nightmare is jail, they can do anything to prevent going there even if it involves killing you to prevent their identity from leaking.
  • it is very impossible to win a fight with a robber especially the armed ones, most of them are spiritually fortified so engaging in a hand to hand combat with them can lead to a funeral. And if you are attempting to disarm an armed robber, It’s still quite uncertain how big your head is but I’m sure six to seven bullets would fit into it perfectly.
  • do not try to snap/video armed robbers when they are gazing directly at you. Most ladies who do such end up getting raped and filmed with that same phone before been killed. It’s best to allow the trained authorities to carry out an investigation afterward.
  • if asked a question, be precise in your reply.

Know that armed robbers are willing to do every and anything to avoid being caught in the process, and as such, do not play the hero and oppose them, it is rather you report them to the authorities at the appropriate time.

IGBAJI U.C.https://igbajiugabi.com
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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