Which Is The Best Job Site In Nigeria? Current 7 Available Online Jobs Sites In Nigeria


Which Is The Best Job Site In Nigeria? Current 7 Available Online Jobs Sites In Nigeria

There are quite a several best job sites in Nigeria. When you come to job hunting and creating opportunities for hiring managers to find suitable employers, several websites have helped bridge this gap over time.

Websites dedicated to posting available positions and connecting companies with qualified candidates are called “job vacancy websites” or “recruitment websites.” You can find jobs matching your skills and experience on any Nigerian website that posts job openings.

In the past, obtaining work in Nigeria was a major challenge, but those days are long gone. Numerous shifts have occurred due to the expansion of the internet. You can find thousands of open positions if you have an internet connection. Put your resume and application in electronic form and wait to hear from potential employers.

This article lists the 7 best places to look online for available jobs in Nigeria.


According to the company’s claims, Jobberman attracts over 600,000 visitors annually from Nigeria. As well as posting jobs, the company provides a variety of additional human resources-related services but does not publicly disclose their prices. There aren’t many resources for recent grads and students that don’t cost money, and small businesses increasingly need to pay to publicize job openings.

Whether you’re looking for information technology jobs in Nigeria, employment in Ghana, or openings in Abuja, Jobberman is one of the largest job sites in Africa and a good place to start your search.


Recruiters can take advantage of MyJobMag’s job board services and vice versa, as the site doubles as a job board. Employers can post job openings on the site for free or pay sponsorship fees. Find employment opportunities that suit your needs and preferences regarding location, skills, and field.

Each major city in Nigeria has its employment board, such as Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Enugu, Delta, and so on. MyJobMag is widely used in Nigeria as a reliable source for finding employment. This site was launched in 2011 and is now a major player in the Nigerian internet recruitment market.


Job-seekers can use Glassdoor to research prospective employers before applying. Before putting a lot of effort into an application, job-seekers can research the company they’re interested in working for, including information on salary, interviews, and company culture. Current and past employees can provide reviews of their employers anonymously on Glassdoor.

Despite its non-African origins, this employment board often ranks highly in Nigerian job searches and continues to be widely used in Nigeria. Glassdoor also provides premium and free job postings to companies seeking to hire international workers. Glassdoor ranks high on the list of most visited foreign sites in Nigeria.


Regarding Nigeria’s internet employment market, HotNigerianJobs is a household name. Having launched in 2010, HotNigerianJobs quickly became one of Nigeria’s premier employment resources. Rightly so. With job postings in Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Telecom & ICT, Engineering, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Hospitality, the Public Sector, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, etc., HotnigerianJobs.com is one of the oldest and most popular job sites in Nigeria. In addition to free ads, the site also offers sponsored postings for businesses.

You can refine your job search at HotNigerianJobs by selecting a location, desired salary, and required education level. HotNigerianJobs boasts over a million users, including thousands of businesses, but does not provide helpful information.

Indeed is the most popular online employment board in the world. There is good news, though, as Indeed does provide a specific page for Nigeria. It’s a place where both companies and potential employees may look for open positions. You can use Indeed to look for work opportunities by entering search criteria like firm name, job title, and more. It’s also possible to narrow your employment search based on your location. You may showcase your resume to potential employers, which is a fantastic benefit. Make a resume online if you don’t already have one. Over 250 million people use Indeed every month. More than 170 resumes and 10 job postings are added every second. Not being a Nigerian company means they can’t respond quickly to market changes like many native job sites can.


Due in large part to the free online aptitude test practice they offer, Jobgurus has quickly become one of the most popular job sites in Nigeria. JobGurus is another rapidly expanding Nigerian employment portal. The Port Harcourt-based company JobGurus was founded in 2010 and is known for its user-friendliness.

JobGurus allows you to find work based on your skill set, work history, geographic preferences, and desired compensation. Features like mock Aptitude assessments are a great way to be ready for job interviews.

Although the first 10 questions are provided at no cost, more will require payment. In addition to posting open positions, this website offers a wide variety of e-books on topics like resume building and answering interview questions. Jobgurus makes it simple for recruiters to post openings and sift through resumes and profiles of potential applicants.


Delon Jobs is always being updated with fresh job postings. However, it also offers other capabilities that aren’t available on all employment sites. For instance, Delon Jobs provides free, weekly webinars to students in Nigeria to assist them in learning about the job market and advancing their careers. The site also routinely publishes interviews with successful business owners, recruiters, and other professionals.

Delon Jobs recently began providing a free recruitment service to Nigerian small businesses. It is difficult for smaller businesses to compete with larger ones when attracting and retaining top-tier employees.

Ironically, many talented applicants are jobless and frantic at seeking jobs in Nigeria, even from small organizations. Delon Jobs offers a free service to help connect qualified job seekers with small businesses with open positions.

The tiny enterprises merely need to identify themselves as small companies to qualify for this free service.

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