ZOBO LEAVES: 10 Essential Health Benefits And Side Effects


Zobo Leaves: 10 Essential Health Benefits                           And Side Effects

Zobo leaves are also called the hibiscus sabdariffa leaf. It is native to West Africa and is used mostly to make a refreshing and sweet drink called Zobo. The leaf of this plant is dried and used to create the drink that most people consume. This drink is love and is mostly used in Nigeria for occasions and family uses.

But as shocking as it may sound, so many people do not know the benefits of this ZZobo leaf and its side effects as it is consumed daily. But we will look at the drink from those perspectives as we move further Because zobo leaves have many nutritional values. For the loves, this article will help guide you on how and when to take this drink.

Zobo Leaves

What are the Health Benefits Of Zobo leaves?

Zobo leaves have an attractive colour that can make someone fall in love with them, but they also have so many other nutrients that make them more appealing for consumption and the treatment of so many health issues, as listed below.

  •  It reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look fresh
  •  zobo leaves Fight against bacteria in the body
  •  It contains many Vitamin C that the body needs to stay healthy.
  • Boost immunity
  • Zobo leaves reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol content in the body.

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Side Effect Of Zobo Leave:

Here, it is essential to remember that as much as zobo leaves have many advantages and benefits, we should not forget that they also have disadvantages. But the interesting part is that the benefits outweigh the side effects. Now, below are the side effects that can be gotten from taking this drink

  • Reduces Blood Pressure: In this case, for people with low blood pressure, it is advised that they do not accept this drink to avoid crashing their BP.
  • It reduces estrogen levels in the body: This hormone plays an important role in the development of female organs and
    other parts of the body system.
  • Zobe leaves Contain excessive Vit C, and we have known that this, when consumed in a high quantity, can cause vomiting, diarrhoea
    it is advisable to take it in a low quantity when consumed to avoid all of these.
  •  Causes Hallucination: When this drink is carried in a very high amount, it can lead to feeling sleepy, and the head will
    feels light as well

Fast And Easy Ways To Prepare Zobo Leaves:

When preparing a zobo drink, it is more nutritious and advisable to use natural spices or flavours so that we will look
at the natural procedures of making this drink.
First, we will look at the natural ingredients and then take steps to prepare them.

What Are The Ingredients:

This is considered based on the quantity to be prepared, but we are going to use

  • 5 Cups of Zobo leaves {Gino medium size cup]
  •  One medium-sized pineapple
  • cloves, { 3 table spoonful}
  •  peels of pineapple
  •  Water
  • fresh ginger ( 2 fingers)
  •  fresh orange extract ( 3 balls}

We are at the last stage, and paying attention to the fastest and easiest ways to prepare this interesting drink is essential.

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  • Wash the leaves under a clean running water
  •  Rinse and peel the ginger
  • Rince, peel the pineapples and slice them into small pieces.
  •  Wash your pot clean, add the already washed Zobo leaves, and then water it until it covers the leaves in the pot.
  • Place the pot containing the leaves on low heat for some minutes, then add the fresh ginger and clove powder. Allow it to boil for a few minutes, then set it aside.
  • When the Zobo is getting cool, greet or blend the fresh pineapple and set aside.
  •  When it is cool, sieve it with a clean chiffon cloth. After that, add the pineapple juice and then sieve again to avoid small particles in the drink.
  •  After this, stir the juice very well and pour it into a container to refrigerate or serve immediately, as the case may be.
  • Zobo leaves drink can be taken alone or with any snacks.

I have explained so many nutritional benefits of Zobo that it is very important to start including it in our consumption, especially for those with high blood pressure (HBP) and those who want their menses to be regular. This drink is very beneficial to them.


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