5 Professions In Agriculture


Professions In Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of life, it to some extent serves as an occupation a very important one to be exact. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the provision of food as well as important raw materials for industrial use.

By doing this many professions closely related to the subject have evolved. Some of these professions are discussed below.

But before we delve into the world of food cultivation and animal catering, the word “employment” happens to be a keyword meant to be deliberated upon.

Meaning of employment

Employment is any paid activity expanding over a period, it might be a job or occupation which somebody engages in to promote livelihood and survival. Any form of activity in which somebody engages profitably for a reasonable length of time especially during his or her adult life is qualified enough to be called a career.

A career also describes a person’s progress in a chosen profession during the period of his work span.



Farming includes the cultivation of crops whilst the rearing of animals and livestock are also involved. People who engage in such are known globally as Farmers, they see this as a basic occupation, a career that precedes till death.

As simple as it seems farming involves a hand full of other activities other than making sure cattle get enough feeds and soil tillage.

Farming as an occupation has been designed to retain the interest of every romantic individual literature wise and for the benefit of that alone farming involves land preparation, planting, irrigation, crop protection, a variety of cultural practices,  harvesting, crop storage, livestock husbandry, etc. Qualified agriculturists may form businesses to provide these services for farmers anytime they require them.

Education and research

The educational sector certainly consists of the faculties of agriculture in the universities, research institutes, and colleges of Agriculture. These institutions are vested with the responsibility of educating and training agricultural manpower for the community and country at large.

They also research various problems the agricultural sector encounters and they do as well as proffer palpable alternatives to tackling such problems. In this angle, the only qualified practitioners are every qualified individual equipped with the foreknowledge of agriculture. Jobs are also available to qualified agriculturists as teachers at the secondary and tertiary levels.

paid employment in agro-allied industries

Paid employment is the making up of a job with an organization. Many agro-allied industries and organizations such as agricultural oil mills, fruit juice makers, beverage manufacturers, soft drink companies, breweries, cotton and wool ginneries, leather tanners, sawmills, meat packers, and others are involved in the processing of various agricultural materials. In a healthy economy, these are sources of employment for qualified personnel.

-Agricultural marketing

Agricultural marketing the entire spectrum of activities performed in taking the produce from the farm and delivering it to consumers. The key aspect of this like every other business concept involves buying and selling of produce.

Howbeit, other aspect consists of the processing, packaging, and transportation of the product on one hand and similar processes for the input on the other hand. Some of such inputs are seed, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, livestock drugs, farming equipment, etc. Some marketing firm specializes in the sale, installation, and servicing of agricultural equipment.

Civil service

Empty vacancies at the ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development at the federal and state levels light to be filled with agricultural graduates if things are rightly done.

These ministries are responsible for supervising and ensuring the attainment of the vision. as well as the goals of agricultural and rural development, if any, of the government in power. People working in the civil service are all government workers. They help the government to formulate appropriate policies which help to shape the practice of agriculture in the country.

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