Inventions are expressions of a desire to make life easy. We could say innovations are expressions of hidden desires, dreams, and experiments or active imaginations. Whatever it is, the world needs more of it. From the electrical bulb, internet, camera, television to the simplest invention as a cell battery, innovations are in our best interest. Some rather are shaped for complacency’s lot.

Scouting for these inventions that are somewhat bizarre, could cause a ripple of laughter when come across, but this is the challenge, try reading through with a straight face.

Here are eight funny inventions man has witnessed.

  • The Baby Mop

Hurray mothers! Here comes your salvation to those creepy feet of bounty goodness. Sure this invention has been tied within taking care of domestic work and having the baby drain down the entire dustpan before she could even get to finish a spot. Sorry baby, being a year old shouldn’t make you irresponsible.

The invention is a baby cloth endowed with a mop at the lower limb and elbow. Baby stays responsible, hygienic and mother is stress-free. If you ask me, every household needs this. Those babies gotta pay for the milk they suck!

  • Hug Me Pillow

Being single has never had a better solution! The half-sized mannequin pillow is one of the safe expresses to “no sorrow land” for those cold nights, rainy days or if you just want a plain ole company. It doesn’t bite, doesn’t smell and sure as hell doesn’t give you any drama before you can get that wholesome body hug.

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  • The Ab Enhancer

A life-saver for lazy men who bite off a chunk of a doughnut with each rise while at a sit-up or, the men who run on a treadmill with an ice cream cone in hand- for heaven’s sake, respect my childhood. The Ab enhancer is singly about having a six-pack in seconds. Quite the sorcerer’s tale.

Even Merlin wasn’t that lazy, as to spend costly magic on just transportation- his room to Arthur’s. This invention can be worn over clothing; really! Clothes going extinct now? This would be a perfect cheat for men who just can’t hit the gym. But Who cares! If it gets you that dream girl, well…

  • Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

Quite an attempt at recreating life. With arms and legs, why didn’t it walk? Don’t tell me you sneezed into its nostrils instead of just breathing.

For those of the few who have quite the problem getting up to fix our bags, or even get dressed, here’s a friendly solution. Well, we wouldn’t quite call you a lazy bone, you’re just a plain realist. You get to sleep comfortably and still get clothed with no one knowing your little secret. Resourceful right! Bad news is, it can’t breathe. You wake up to reality.

  • An Intelligent Umbrella

Umbrella umbrella over me

Tell me, is there a lice in my hair?

The umbrella is meant to signal you when it is raining because you can’t tell how wet rainfall is; boy! I’m drenched in shine.

Well, it has other innovative features like notifying you if you left without it, wow! A talking shadow… Touche! It also shares data with other umbrellas having the same programming for cloud sourcing. Gotta love it! You can’t hide from the wife.

  • Pet Shower Curtain

At what age did you become conscious of your body features to start requiring privacy? This invention says your dog knew what it wanted from age puppy- privacy. You gotta train that dog because only you know this fancy food is the only curtain.

  • Phone Holder Cup

Well, this beats leaning your phone against a wall for that photoshoot and anything smart deserves to own a cup.

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  • The Dogbrella

What better specimen to share with us the beautiful invention of the umbrella than the dog? Maybe Crueler thought of this. Whoever thought of this, the dog race will forever be grateful.

So here you have it, eight funny inventions that will make you dream about your own invention, talk about a toe mover, you can do that; an eye blinker for those who can’t blink to save a life. Think up something, after all invention is thinking up the impossible and a baby wiper was almost impossible.


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