Collective Behaviour -3 Major Forms Of Collective Behaviour


Collective Behaviour -Major Forms Of Collective Behaviour

The Episodes of collective behaviors from time to time tend to be overly instinctive, which results from a shared experience by the composition of a group that engenders a sense of common interest and identity. The informality of the group structure rest as the foremost source of the customary unpredictability of collective behaviors.

Activities of people in crowds are to be included in the list of collective behaviors which are panics, fads, crazes, publics,  and as well as organized phenomena such as reform and revolutionary social movements. Because it studies groups, it would be very pleasing to bring to your notice that the study of collective behaviors differs from that of individual behaviors although inquiries into the motivation and attitudes of the individuals in these groups are carried out.

Collective behavior resembles an organized behavior in that a convoy of individuals are synced and further acting together but it is more instinctive, logical, volatile, and unpredictable than the behavior in groups that already retain an established rule and culture detailing their aim, membership, and operation.


Collective obsessions:

The various types of collective obsessions like fads, hysterias, and the rest have three major qualities in common  which are

  • The most apparent sign is a noticeable increase in the frequency and intensity with which people engage in a particular kind of behavior or affirm a belief.
  • The behavior-or the abandon with which it is indulged is ridiculous, irrational, or evil in the presence of the individual caught up in obsession.
  • After it has mounted a vertex, the behavior drops off very suddenly and the follow-up results are a counter obsession.


It’s quite rousing to explicate fads on the grounds of a single motive such as prestige. Prestige is gained by being among the first and most expert at a skill that everyone else desires. Or to explain it much more appropriately, it is a statutory position. When a skill fails as a source of prestige, when it becomes less scarce, it is furthermore explained as the conclusion of a fad. But at times motives are imbued with complexity and so vary.

fads are practices or interests followed for a time with an exaggerated seal, it’s like a pseudo hobby.

An examination of fads in such enterprises as scientific research and recreation sheds light on the primary dynamics of all kinds of fads. The genesis of a scientific fad always kicks off with a never-before-used idea or discovered idea. The new idea must be a key invention, an invention that opens the door of possibility for a broad alignment of innovations.

The discovery of a new potent drug for example is succeeded by a rush to test the drugs in different kinds of situations. Similarly,  recreation and style faddish do not merely copy a format; they try a variety of neoteric uses and variations on the basic possibilities.

of course, if it begins it would slowly stagger to an ending point, the termination which is the second analysis of a fad is largely explained by the collapse of innovative prowess and possibilities.

The third one the chalkboard is the faddish preoccupation, it details the holding in abeyance a variety of routine activities. The moment the fad is in full swing the existence of new variations impedes the sense of awareness it is until the possibilities of a fad elapse that’s when the faddist would begin to be aware of the extent of neglect of other activities.

-hysterical contagion.

From time to time, the wave of agitation finds expression in a hasty false conception and symptoms of physical illness.

-Deviant Epidemics.

Obsessive behavior also is observed within deviant groups in society. In 1932 Edward G. Robison was aped by a rash of undersized juveniles after he starred in the motion picture. “Little Caesar”. Something similar reiterated between 1959 and 1960 where a rash of incidents resulting in the desecration of synagogues.

In this kind of event socially disesteem feelings are given freedom following an incident. Beginning with persons who have been repressing a specific feeling for some time, the epidemic constructs itself until persons with other types of suppressed feelings join in.


This is very similar to that of fads and other collective obsessions, except that it is institutionalized, it is more continuous than sporadic and slightly foreseeable. While fads emerge from the lower ranks of society and thus constitute a plausible challenge to the class structure of society, fashion normally flows from the higher level to the lower level, dispensing a continuous confirmation of class difference.

Continuous changes are essential if the higher classes are to maintain their distinctiveness after copies of their clothing styles appear at Lowes levels.

-Response to disaster

The lives of individuals are disrupted indiscriminately by disasters instituted either by the natural occurrence or by man’s own hands and coping with such results is way beyond the power of the established institution. of perhaps greatest importance, the assumption of a reasonably stable and predictable reality is undermined.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, a native of Ogoja in Cross River State, Nigeria, is a married individual blessed with children. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and disseminating information. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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