Contemporary baby names – A-Z compilation of Amazing Unisex baby names and meaning


Contemporary baby names – A – Z compilation of Unisex baby names and meaning

The pregnancy journey can be demanding and often fades from memory once your precious baby arrives. Just as you navigate the trimesters with the utmost care, it is equally important for parents to select meaningful names for their children thoughtfully. Here is an alphabetical list of names that you will adore


Aiden – It means ” Little Fire” and originates from the Irish language.

Audrey – This is an English name meaning “Noble strength”.

Addison – This gender-neutral name signifies “Offspring of Adam,” encompassing both “Son of Adam” and “Daughter of Adam.”

Araminta – A female English name meaning “defender”.

Arden – A name that is not specific to any gender and means “high” while also symbolizing “Eagle’s valley.”


Booker – An English boy’s name meaning “A bookdinder” or “Scribe”.

Blythe – A name with English and Anglo-Saxon roots, denoting a “sense of joy”, “cheerfulness”, or “happiness”.

Birch – It means “Birch Tree”. It is of English origin.

Bowie – A unisex name originating from Scotland and Ireland, signifying “fair-haired” or “blond”.

Birdie – A particular American name with origins that signify “small bird,” “bird-like,” or “bringer of triumph.”


Clover – A feminine name originating from Britain and England, which signifies a “field flower,” a “beautiful flower,” or a “representation of good fortune.”

Cleopatra – A Greek-derived feminine name that symbolizes the “honor of the father.” It is commonly linked to the historical Queen of Egypt from ancient times.

Calliope – A female name with Greek roots, symbolizing “having a beautiful voice”.

Cameron – A unisex name with Scottish roots, signifying a “crooked nose.”

Connor – A masculine name that originates from Ireland and Scotland. It signifies someone who “loves hounds” or is “wise”.


Dane – A gender-neutral baby name with British roots, which can be interpreted as “from Denmark” or “God Is My Judge.”

Dawson – An English name with the interpretation “son of David”.

Dior – A French-origin gender-neutral name that can be interpreted as “golden” or “gift.”

Damon – An English variation of the Greek masculine name signifying the actions of “overpowering” or “conquering”.

Daleyza – It is of Spanish origin and means different things in different places.

  • Australian origin: “Goddess of Light, Fighter, and Hero of All.”
  • American (Virginia) origin: “Alluring.”
  • Cameroonian origin: “Delightful.”

Elsa – A feminine name from the Hebrew name Elisheva, which signifies “God is my oath” or “My God is abundance.”

Ezequiel – A masculine name originating from Hebrew, with the meaning of “God strengthens”. This name is derived from the Hebrew name Yechezqel.

Eleanor – A girl’s name with uncertain or unverified origins signifies a “shining light”  and is “cheerful” and “light-hearted”.

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Enzo – A name of Italian origin rooted in the Germanic name Henry, which signifies “one who governs the household.”

Edlyn – An English name for a girl that has Christian origins. It carries the meaning of being “prosperous” or “noble”.


Foster – An Anglo-Saxon name that means “forest guardian”.

Fabio – A male name of Italian and Spanish origin. It derives from the Latin word “faba,” which means “bean.” The name Fabio can be interpreted to mean “bean farmer” or “grower,”.

Fyona – A feminine name originating from Scotland, with a meaning of being “white” or “fair” in complexion.

Floyd – a male name of Anglo-Welsh origin that signifies the colour “gray” or having “gray hair”.

Faithrose –  A person with a “strong belief” or “trust in love”.


Glacier – The name is typically given to boys, meaning “ice”.

Gerson – It means “Stranger in a strange land”.

Gabrielle –  A feminine name with French roots, and it carries the meanings of “God is my strength” or “Woman of God.”

Geo – A male name originating in Greek, signifies “the one who created this earth and other planets.”

Gael – A name with multiple meanings. It can refer to an Irishman, derived from the Old Irish term “Goídel.” It can also signify being “blessed and generous”, which originates from the name Gwenael, or a “generous Lord”, from the name Judicael.


Hale – A name that originates from Old English and means “residing in a hollow” or “originating from a nook.”

Halston – The name originates in English and signifies a “holy stone” or a “stony hollow.”

Haven – An English name considered gender-neutral, meaning a “secured place” or a “refuge.”

Hamilton – An English name typically associated with boys, meaning a “hill without trees.”

Hailey – A girl’s name of English and Scottish origin. It is derived from two elements: “hay”, which refers to a hay field, and “ley”, which means meadow. Therefore, the name Hailey can be interpreted as “Hay’s meadow” or “field of hay”.


Ivy – It originates from both English and Latin roots and carries the meaning of “vine.”

Ivan – A masculine first name with Russian, Slavic, and Hebrew origins. It means the “graciousness of God.”

Imani – A Swahili name that originates from the Swahili language and means “faith” or “belief”.

Iarlaithe – The name is of Irish Gaelic origin and translates to “leader” or “prince”.

Irene – A feminine name derived from Greek roots, signifying “peace”.


Jordan – Jordan is a unisex name with Hebrew roots, meaning “to descend” or “to flow down.”

Jael – Jael is a girl’s name of Hebrew derivation, denoting “wild mountain goat.”

Jade – Originating from the Spanish term “ijada.” Jade is renowned as the “Stone of Heaven.”

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Janelle –  A feminine name that originates from the United States. It carries the beautiful meanings of “God is gracious” or “fair one”.

Jeovany – Masculine name meaning “The father of the sky.”


Kanan – A male given name with Arabic roots, meaning “merchant”.

Kehlani – A feminine name derived from Hawaiian origins, symbolising combining the elements of “sea and sky”.

Kaius – A name that originates from Japanese and Latin roots, meaning “rejoice” or “joyful”.

Kendra – A name typically given to females, and it can be traced back to either English or Celtic origins. The name holds various meanings, such as “knowledgeable,” “wise leader,” “strongest warrior,” or “elevated hill.”

Karim – Having Arabic roots, signifying qualities such as “kind-hearted” or “honorable”.


Lawson – A male given name with origins in both British and Scottish cultures. It carries the meaning of “son of Lawrence.”

Louisa – A feminine name derived from Latin and English roots. It signifies a “celebrated warrior” or someone “famous in war.”

Legacy – An English name that originates from the English language. It carries the meaning of something that is “inherited from ancestors”.

Lyric – A unisex name derived from Greek and French origins, meaning the essence of a “song” or the melodic instrument known as a “lyre.”

Levy – A Hebrew name typically given to boys, meaning “unity, harmony, and being joined together.”


Milan – A gender-neutral name of Latin origin that means “from the middle of the plain.”

Mila –  A Slavic name that means ‘gracious’ or ‘dear.

Mateo – A boy’s name with Spanish, Italian, and Latin roots, meaning “a divine gift.”

Mckenna – A unisex name with Scottish Gaelic roots, signifying either “Daughter of Cionaodh” or “Son of Cionaoith”.

Meine – Means “power” or “strength”.”


Noelle – a name of French and English origin that symbolizes the Christmas holiday season. It is the feminine variant of the name Noel.

Neacel – It means “victory and strength”.

Nova – Nova is a Latin-derived name considered gender-neutral and means “new.”

Neo – It means “new” or “young”.

Nyla – A feminine name derived from Arabic and Greek roots, which carries the connotation of being “triumphant”.


Octavia – Octavia is a girl’s name originating from Latin, conveying the sense of being “the eighth born” or “born in the eighth month.”

Owen – An illustrious name that signifies “noble,” “of noble birth,” or “brave young fighter.”

Oaklynn –  A feminine name with American roots, which carries the meaning of “lovely Oak.”

Oberon – A male name with Old German roots, signifying “a bear with royalty” or “noble.”

Olive –  A girl’s name of English and Latin origin, meaning “olive tree.”


Phoenix –  A name of Greek origin considered gender-neutral, which signifies the colours “dark red” or “crimson.”

Picasso – The name is of Spanish origin and does not have a specific meaning. It is a surname most commonly associated with the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso.

Pia – A female name derived from Latin, symbolizing “devout” or “showing deep respect.”

Perkins – Derived from English or Welsh origins and has the meaning of “the son of Peter.”

Psalm – Originates from Hebrew and has a meaning related to music, specifically “song” or “instrumental music.”


Quinn – An Irish name of gender-neutral nature, which signifies being a “descendant of Conn.”

Qasim – Originates from the Arabic term “qasama,” meaning “to share” or “to divide.”

Quella – A female name with Old English roots, signifying “to kill” or “to subdue.”

Quinton – A male name with English origins, denoting “belonging to the queen’s manor” or  “the fifth in order.”

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Qiana – A female name with diverse origins and meanings:

  • In Irish culture, Kiana is the feminine form of Kian associated with “luck and fortune”.
  • In Hawaiian culture, Qiana is a variation of Diana, meaning “divine” or “heavenly.”
  • In Irish origin, Kiana is the feminine form of the name Kian, which derives from the Old Irish element “can,” meaning “ancient” or “enduring.”
  • In Persian, Qiana is equivalent to “queen.”
  • In Arabic, Qiana means “star” and is primarily used as a female name.

Reign – A gender-neutral name of English and Latin origin that means “rule” or “sovereign”.

Rain – A unisex name with American and British roots, signifying “plentiful blessings from the heavens.”

Rubena – A female baby name derived from Latin, with the interpretation of “red.”

Royce – A unisex name of German origin, denoting “renown” or “fame.”

Rina – A girl’s name originating from Japan, and it symbolizes several meanings, including “Jasmine,” “Village,” “Vegetables,” and “Greens.”


Sally – A female Hebrew baby name meaning “princess.”

Stevie – Stevie is a name that originated as a shortened form of Steven and Stephanie, both derived from the Old Greek word “Stephanos.” In English, the name means “crown” or “garland,” while in Greek, it conveys “crowned” or “garlanded.”

Shiloh – A unisex name with Hebrew roots, meaning “calm,” “abundance,” and “a gift from God.”

Sterling – A boy’s name originating from English, which means “Starling” or “Little Star.”

Shirley – Originating from the English place name Shirley, which means “bright clearing”.


Taylor – A unisex name with English roots, signifying “a person who cuts” or “a person who shapes and molds.”

Tessa – A female name with English origins, symbolizing “a person who harvests” or “a reaper.”

Ty – A unisex name with American roots, signifying “From The Land Of Eoghan” or “Derived from Tyler, an Old English term for maker of tiles and pottery.”

Talia – A female name with Hebrew and Aramaic origins, connoting “God’s dew” or “heavenly dew.”

Treyton – A male name interpreted as “a town close to trees.”


Ulysses – A male name originating from Latin, denoting “full of anger” or “to have strong dislike.”

Ulyssa – A feminine form of Ulysses.

Uriel – A boy’s name with Hebrew roots, symbolizing “My light is God” or “God is my light.”

Ustinya – Spelt as Justina in English, conveying the meaning of being “just” or “fair.”

Usher – A male name originating from Latin, meaning “the mouth of a river.”


Valour – A unisex name with Latin roots, signifying “deserving of honor, courage, and fearlessness.”

Vicente – A male name with Spanish roots, connoting “Triumphant” or “Victorious.”

Vira – Means “A cloud.”

Vince – A male name with Latin roots, symbolizing “triumph” or “being victorious.”

Vanessa – A female name with Greek and Latin origins, meaning “a butterfly” or “the goddess of the night.”


Windy – A unisex name with English roots, denoting “pertaining to the wind” or “a friendly person.”

Walker – A male name originating from English, connoting “one who fulls cloth”.

Winnie – The name means “a fair and pure individual,” “white and smooth,” “soft and gentle,” or a source of “happiness.”

Winston – A male name with British roots, meaning a “wine’s town”,  “a cheerful stone”.

Wendy – A girl’s name with English origins, denoting “a friend” or “a blessed ring.”


Xavier – A male name originating from Spanish, Basque, and Arabic, meaning “a new house” or “bright.”

Xara – A unisex name with American roots, meaning “a princess”.

Xoel – A Galician variation of Joel, meaning “Yahweh is God” or “Lord” in English.

Xania – A female name with Indonesian and African roots, denoting “a warrior” and “a protector”.

Xyler – Means “the first, the only, and the last.”


Yoshi –  A female Japanese name meaning “good,” “respectful,” “righteous,” “virtuous,” and “respectable.”

Yabella – A girl’s name with Italian and Spanish roots, originating from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “My God is an oath.”

Yachin – Means “He establishes.”

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Yasmina – A Persian name signifying “flower,” “scent,” and “a representation of love.”

Yelisey – A Russian name conveying the meaning “God’s Salvation.”


Zyaire – A name with African roots, signifying “a river,” “love,” and “a fresh start.”

Zen – A unisex name with Japanese roots, representing “a form of Buddhism” or “the practice of meditation.”

Zakai – A male name with Hebrew roots, meaning “pure” or “innocent.”

Zimrah – A Hebrew-originated name meaning “song” or “melody”.

Zilpah – Originates from the Hebrew verb (zalaph), which denotes “drip,”


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