Cost of Living in Aba, Abia State, Price of Food, Rent, Transportation, Etc


Cost of Living in Aba, Abia State, Price of Food, Rent, Transportation, Etc

Aba is situated in the southeastern region of Nigeria and stands as the primary hub of commerce in Abia State. Following the establishment of Abia State in 1991, Aba was subdivided into two distinct local government areas: Aba South and Aba North. Aba South is the central city area in southeast Nigeria’s Abia State.

The cost of living in Abia State is notably economical and within reach. It’s important to note that this location offers goods at reduced prices. Items like shoes, clothing, watches, and various other products can be acquired inexpensively in Aba. However, it’s important to acknowledge that at times, the products might not always be in their original form. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Aba consistently provides items at notably reduced rates.


Meal for 2$5.28
 Fast food meal$2.57
Beer, 0.5$0.74
Pepsi / Coke$0.19


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Rent & Utilities

1 bedroom apartment in city Center$232
1 cheap bedroom apartment$140
3 bedroom apartment in city Center$385
3-bedroom apartment that is cheap$234
Utility Bill one person$17.1
Utility Bill for a Family$26.1
 Internet plan$18.9
Mortgage Interest Rate for 20 Years18.18%
Apartment price to Buy in City Center$466
House Price to Buy in Suburbs$510


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Local transport ticket$0.26
Monthly ticket for local transport$25.7
Taxi Ride$2.32
Gas / Petrol, 1 L$0.32


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Toothpaste, 1 tube$0.56
 Toilet paper, 4 rolls$0.49
Hair Shampoo$1.72
Cigarette pack$0.91
Beer, 0.5 L$0.64
Wine (mid-priced), 750 mL bottle$4.5
Coca-Cola / Pepsi, 2 L$0.65
 Water, 1 L$0.34
Onion, 1 kg$0.26
 Potato, 1 kg$0.64
Tomato, 1 kg$0.26
Oranges, 1 kg$1.05
Banana, 1 kg$1.49
Apples, 1 kg$2.56
Round Steak, 1 kg$2.72
Chicken Breast, 1 kg$2.72
Cheese, 1 kg$3.97
Eggs, by 12$1.22
Rice, 1 kg$2.04
Loaf of Bread$1.02
 Milk, 1 L$1.92


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Childcare Prices

Daycare or Preschool, 1 month$45
International Primary School, 1 year$1221


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Gym Membership, 1 month$6.44
Cinema Ticket, 1 person$5.18
Doctor’s visit$20.1
Haircut, simple$1.64
Brand Jeans$10.2
Brand Sneakers$37.9



Affordability is extended to everyone within Abia State. The given numbers outline the prices of products within Abia State. If there are any changes to the indicated prices, please document them in the comment area.

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