Dog breeds – 5 examples of dog breeds


Dog breeds – 5 examples of dog breeds

Example of dog breeds

What kind of dog chases anything red?.. A bulldog! Get it? Because typically bulls chase anything red and we’re talking about dogs. Okay maybe that’s not such a great joke, give me one more try; what kind of dog doesn’t bark?..

A hush puppy. No, that’s no good either but since we are on the topic of dog breeds, I’ll give it one more try – what do you call a dog magician?.. A labracadabrador. You have to admit that’s not so bad.

More than half the population of people on earth are dog lovers and if you’re part of this statistics it’s not so hard to imagine that maybe once or twice you’ve wondered about the various dog breeds on earth.

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Did you know that a bloodhound’s sense of smell can be used as evidence in court or that a greyhound could most likely beat a cheetah in a long-distance race? I bet you did not but guess what, random dog facts are not the only thing I have up my sleeves.

I also have in my possession the information you seek and no I am not referring to the secret to ending world hunger or how to grow money in your backyard I’m referring to dog breeds. You’re welcome

So let’s get into it, worldwide there are about three hundred and sixty officially recognized breeds and these don’t even include experimental breeds that are yet to achieve official status.

In the future we could have perhaps five hundred or more official breeds, we should definitely consider giving them their own state because think about it if aliens invade the earth today and saw us picking dog poop they would most likely assume the dogs were in charge of us.

Regardless three hundred is a lot and going through all of them would probably bore you, therefore I will be focusing on five of the best household-friendly breeds but before that let’s consider the six categories of dog breeds as defined by the AKC (American Kennel Club) they include the terries, toy group, utility group, pastoral group, gundogs and the working group.

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The dogs in these groups are sort of similar in terms of behaviour and temperament but some groups have characteristics that might not blend well in a family-type environment.

For example, terries have the tendency to snap when tormented by children and possess a powerful prey drive and therefore do not relate well with other pets also consider the working group which contain large dogs such as Akita and Cane Corso the weight could be a problem for households with little children if playtime was to get a bit out of hand.

Thus, here are five dog breeds that make wonderful family pets:

5 examples of dog breeds

  • Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever is a member of the gundog group, generally, members of the gundog groups make excellent pets. They have a soft mouth which allows them to retrieve shot game birds without damaging them. Golden retrievers are very loving, loyal, intelligent and great with kids and also tend to get along well with strangers and other pets.

  • Beagle

If you love cuddling, the beagle is the dog for you, they have confirmed cuddlers that are actually known to have separation anxiety because they absolutely adore being around their owners, they are also filled with so much stamina but are not the easiest to train. They have become quite a popular family pet in the last decade.

  • Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is a crossbreed between the Labrador retriever and the standard miniature poodle. They are friendly and playful that make great family pets although they are not considered great in the security area as they were bred not to be aggressive but overall, they have high energy levels and are easy to train.

  • Pug

The most distinguishing feature for the pug is its wrinkly short-muzzled face and curled tail, because of the mouth shape they have trouble delivering aggressive bites. If you live in an apartment or small house the pug is the perfect dog for you. They are very comical, affectionate and playful.

  • Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier like the pug is perfect for an apartment or small house, they also require very little grooming. They are known as the “American gentleman” because of their tuxedo-like markings. They might bark when they see people or other pets but are not aggressive but do require plenty of exercises. They are very affectionate and friendly.

These are just a few off the long list of dog breeds, other breeds like the Boxer, Labrador retriever, Bichon Frise, Hungarian vizsla, English cocker spaniel, English springer spaniel, Dachshund, Bulldog and the Cavalier king Charles spaniel also make great pets while the German shepherd, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer and the Great Dane are amazing for security purposes.

In conclusion, there are various dog breeds and, in the instance, that you are wondering which to get, you should always take your time and do your research. Before I go, I shall leave you with a piece of advice, consider handling every situation like a dog, if you can’t eat it or play with it just pee on it and walk away.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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