Female Hairstyle -10 Trendy female hairstyles 2023


Female Hairstyle -10 Trendy female hairstyles 2023

It is said that hair is the richest ornament of a woman and no statement has ever been truer. A lady could put on the best clothes, shoes and even carry the most expensive bag, but without great hair to match, her dressing would be absolutely incomplete.

Hairstyles have become a huge fashion statement and every woman wants to make her own the loudest. Which lady doesn’t like compliments like; I love your hair, this style really suits you or great hairstyle.

A new and prim hairstyle can give you a new look. It could give you that confident look, sexy hot girl look, crazy girl look, cute or pretty girl look. It all depends on how you want to project it.

Most ladies love to experiment on new hairstyles daily, and once you see a lady taking pictures every now and then, being in everyone’s face or even flipping her hair so as to be noticed and complimented, then you might want to check out her look, it’s either she’s got the latest design of clothes on, or she is wearing a piece of new jewellery, or she’s done makeup to perfection or even still she has got a new and fabulous hairstyle.

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So, if you are searching for the next hairstyle to match your own personal fashion statement or to complement that personality that you desire, then you should check through this article. In choosing a new hairstyle, most ladies tend to worry about their length of hair, texture, the colour of hair, the shape of the face etc. Need not worry about that, this article provides you with hairstyles for different persons and their differences.

10 Trendy female hairstyles 2023

Here we have 10 examples of trending hairstyles for females and how it could suit their look and personality.


This style is weaved very close to the scalp usually with or without extra attachment of any sort. It varies in size and quantity depending on your preference. At times all the cornrows could be off the same size or different sizes, this all depends on how you want it. Cornrows are one of the easiest hairstyles to make which is not time-consuming and does not cost a fortune to make. To make a neat set of cornrows, it is advisable to have a soft hair texture. That way, it is neat and last longer.

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Cornrows are best for oval and round-shaped faces. For decoration of the hair, beads, cowries, twines and hair cuffs can be added to the hair

CORNROWS Female Hairstyle
CORNROWS Female Hairstyle



This can be considered as the queen of hairstyles. It is one of the best hairstyles to carry especially during harmattan season and almost every woman has at some point in her life done braids. It goes with any face shape and any hair texture and length.

Braids come in different styles and shape and can be combined with other hairstyles such as cornrows. Here we have a few types of braids;

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  • Lemonade braids; it is very common with Nigerians and Africans. It was known by school children as “police cap or side braids”. However, after the American singer Beyonce wore it in her visual album “lemonade” the style became increasing popular and is now known as lemonade braids.
  • Box braids; it is a common type if braid made by dividing the hair into square pattern, attaching extension and braiding it to the desired length. It can be done using any color of extension or even mixing multiple color of extension depending on how you want to rock it.
  • Knotless braids; these are the current trending braid style. It is done by attaching the extension bit by bit and it ends up looking like you weaved your natural hair. It is neither painful nor heavy, though more expensive to make than the regular box braid.
braids Female Hairstyle
braids Female Hairstyle

They are much easier to make and loose. It is done by diving the hair strands into two and tightly overlapping one strand on the other. We have some examples of twist which are the Senegalese twist, Havana, Marley, etc. Senegalese twist is the one we are very familiar with, could be tiny, medium or large. Havana and Marley twist are slightly coarser and have a rough appearance and feel.

TWISTS Female Hairstyle
TWISTS Female Hairstyle



They are also known as dread or locks. They are rope-like strands of hair formed by adding the special dreadlock extension to the hair. It can also be done by leaving the natural hair uncombed for a long while until it attains that dread-like look. This style of hair requires constant maintenance like washing it to keep it clean because it can be left on the hair for a long time.

DREADLOCKS Female Hairstyle
DREADLOCKS Female Hairstyle



They are artificial hair extensions added to the natural hair to give it extra length or fullness. They are usually glued or sewn to the natural hair. They come in different cut and styles. We have bob, waves, straight or curly weaves. These days, weaves can be sewn or attached with frontal or closure to make it seem like natural hair.

WEAVES Female Hairstyle
WEAVES Female Hairstyle



They are a special type of cornrows made by adding extensions bit by bit until it gets to the tip. They are also known as banana braids, invisible braids or Cherokee braids. It is good for hair growth and secures the hair to the head. It is better done on a hair with a soft texture to enable it last longer.

GHANA WEAVING Female Hairstyle
GHANA WEAVING Female Hairstyle



These are like the normal braids but it is cut in a triangular pattern. It could be made to be very long or short or in bob form. It gives off this cute look to a lady.

PIXIE BRAIDS Female Hairstyle
PIXIE BRAIDS Female Hairstyle



Also called latch hook braids. This is because it is fastened to the hair by the means of a crochet hook. It could be done in several ways, either male the hair look like box braids or weave. Crotchet could be done to give that twist like bob, spring or bouncy curl look depending on preference. There is also already-made crotchet which could come in different styles, all to give that desired look.

CROTCHET Female Hairstyle
CROTCHET Female Hairstyle



Twin braid pigtails are one of the most convenient and casual hairstyles. They can be done using an extension and braided to the desired length. It gives a lady that cute and pretty look.

PIGTAILS Female Hairstyle
PIGTAILS Female Hairstyle


  • DIDI

This is a popular Nigerian hairstyle and is a unique braid for women. It is usually more like and inside braiding of hair and could be done with extension and braided bit by bit till the desired length. It is a very unique hairstyle common among the south-western Nigerian women.

didi Female Hairstyle
didi Female Hairstyle


Your style of hair can determine your personality and give to others an impression of what they feel you are. As a lady it is absolutely necessary to wear your hairdo any way you want it; exude confidence, be sexy, look hot, be cute and pretty and above all rock each new hairstyle as you own it because you do. 

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