You are Stingy; Mbaka fires Obi-s


Mbaka’s statement to Obi; Questions and implications

 Has the Reverend Father and theologian of the catholic society, Father Ejike Mbaka, proven that his conscience can be easily bought with money?

It is believed that there are few saints on earth and a number of them can only work, as much, to put up a flimsy display of righteousness before their inward motive eclipses their sense of individuality.

Naturally, man is meant to be justified by grace and faith; as the premise of the holy books makes us understand that pardonable offences void of a repercussion should only be a result of ignorance, aside from that, the human fate and the length of their days lies in the ability of their creator to overlook their offence.

It’s not a contest for holier than thou as humans are extremely prone to sin.

But what happens when an adorned progenitor of Roman Catholicism in Nigeria deliberately doubles over to vindictive spite and callousness?

Would this dent the faith of many and shake down the stronghold of moral beliefs as a lot of Christians, spiritualists, and moralists are forced to swallow down the shock from the sudden mannerism of the catholic priest?

What would happen to the entire race of radically wired devotees when their helms are being hoodwinked into seeing Peter Obi as an inept with the inability to occasion growth?

Mbaka’s statement to Obi; Questions and implications -Everyone is allowed a range of their opinion—it’s a dire symptom of humanism.

But for a said moral compass and the looked upon “voice of God”, it is rather shocking that he can devote his influence and domineering status to orchestrate the downfall of another because he wasn’t previously compensated.

Mbaka’s statement to Obi; Questions and implications -Goes deeper than mere words.

A rather sad conduct from the man of God.


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