9 Gender matching Professions in today’s Society


Gender matching Professions in today’s Society

Gender can be described as the sex of a person or the category of a person based on their reproductive system. Basically, there are only two gender types which are the masculine (male) and feminine (female) genders.

While professionalism is referred to as the degree of perfection, standard or accuracy expected from a person within a profession.

Certain professions are attributed to certain genders with belief that they are more suitable and naturally possess attributes requiring that degree of perfection in relation to such work. There is the natural inclination that due to some certain characteristics and traits possessed by a female or male, they are more suitable for certain jobs or professions and would do better in them than others.

Catering: naturally the work of cooking is attributed to women in both domestic function and outdoor functions. The catering profession is one in which a person is trained not only to cook a variety of dishes but to garnish and serve them in a presentable and attractive manner. In the catering profession, one is also trained to invent dishes. This profession is attributed to women though, in recent times, men can also be found as professional caterers.

Teaching: in this context, the teaching job at the preliminary stage of a child, which is the kindergarten to the primary stage of academic is usually done and attributed to the female gender. This may be because women tend to have stronger bond and connection with children and their attributed care, tenderness and patience.

Also, a majority of Children at the early stages of their lives spend more time with their mother. The teaching of children at a higher level is usually attributed to the male gender as the majority of men are found teaching in higher institutions.

Engineering: Due to the strength, risk and technicality of this profession, the male gender is usually found in this profession. Statistics has it that a great percentage of students studying this course are male. In recent times there are still only a few ladies who take up the challenge of studying this course and the majority excel in it as their male counterparts.

Aviation: this profession or job is one that is closely related to the Engineering profession. A pilot flies an aircraft. Aeronautic engineers design the aircraft. There are military pilot and civilian who fly domestic and international planes. A great majority of individuals in this profession are males. While females are usually flight attendants.

Nursing: a nurse is an individual trained to take care of sick or injured persons. This profession is attributed to females since naturally women have that soft spot and tendency of been caring. Nurses assist the doctor in caring for patients.

Banking: this profession in recent times is getting populated with the male race. The banking job was mainly done and attributed to women because it required the attribute of being polite, nice, and willingness to serve.

Law: the legal profession is dominated by the female gender because it is believed that a trained woman can be more persuasive, have good communication skills, people skills, logical thinking in law-related matters and these attributes are required to excel in the law profession.

Medicine: this profession requires a high level of intelligence and skill and is therefore dominated by the male gender. It is believed that man is more intelligent than a woman. Though in recent times, there are females in the doctoring profession.

Military (Police, Army, Navy and Air Force): this profession is dominated by men owing to its rugged nature and literal manpower. Though this becomes different as such a profession creates room for women to sit in offices.

  • A few other professions which are attributed to women and include; marketing and sales personnel, secretary, fashion designing, newscasting, reporters and therapists. For males, we have; financial analysts, architects, astronauts, and geoscientists.
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