How Much Does Every Health Worker Earn?


How much do health workers earn? A comprehensive list of their salaries.

Have you ever wondered about the type of work a medical student would end up with?

Do you believe there are jobs with higher pay outside the course of pharmacy, nursing, and dentistry?

Below is a list of careers under health care and their pay cheques.

  1. Audiologist

An audiologist is a medical practitioner in the custody of diagnosing, managing, and tending to patients with hearing defects; hearing lose, in balance, etc.
Paycheque: $78, 950

  1. Athletic trainers

Athletic trainers are in charge of ensuring peak form and as such they generalize the preventing, diagnosing, and treating of muscle and bone illness as a focus point.

Paycheque: $48, 420

  1. Clinical Laboratory technologists and technicians

Clinical Laboratory Technologists and technicians are medical practitioners who specialize in sampling and overhauling body tissues, fluids, and substances sharing similitude
Paycheque: $57,800

  1. Chiropractors

This is a branch of medicine that lets its practitioners manage the health problems revolving around the neuromusculskeletal system; bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles
Paycheque: $75,000

  1. Dentist

Dentists specialize in teeth and gum-related problems. They examine, diagnose and proffer solutions for oral-related problems.

Paycheque: $163, 220

  1. Dental Assistants
    Dental assistants are medical practitioners that tend to patients, program appointments, carry out x-rays and keep records.

Paycheque: $38,660

  1. Dental Hygienists
    Dental hygienists are practitioners whose line of work is restricted to sourcing for oral diseases and detailing possible preventive measures. They achieve this by carrying out a series of tests on the patient for ailments like gingivitis, herpes, sores, etc.

Paycheque: $77,810

  1. Dieticians and nutritionists
    Dieticians and nutritionists engineer food services and nutritional programs that engender healthy livelihood for people

Paycheque: $61, 650

  1. Exercise Physiologists
    They develop fitness regimes and exercise programs that accelerate the recovery rate for injured and/or sick persons.

Paycheque: $47, 940

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics.
EMTs and Paramedics are response teams that attend to emergency calls they effectuate medical procedures while transporting the sick/injured person to a medical facility

Paycheque: $36, 930

Genetic counselors
They weigh risk factors inherited genetically; be it disorders, or conditions, they assess the risk of it for individuals.

Paycheque: $80, 150

Home health and personal care aides
Personal care aides watch over and assess the circumstances of ailing individuals with severe disabilities or chronic ailments, they work to support such individuals in their daily lives
Paycheque: $29, 430

Medical assistants

Medical assistants are medical practitioners that fulfill administrative and clinical tasks in medical and healthcare facilities

Paycheque: $37, 190

  1. Message therapists
    Otherwise known as masseurs, they manipulate muscle and tissue structure to ensue relaxation in the body of the patient.
  2. Medical transcriptionists
    These sets of medical practitioners transcribe voice recordings of patients and concert them to reports.

Paycheque: $30,000

Medical sonographers and cardiovascular technologists and technicians
They operate graphical equipment to create images and conduct tests

Paycheque: $75, 380

  1. Medical records and health information specialists
    Medical records and health information specializes in coding health information, organizing and managing these data
  2. Nursing assistants and orderlies
    Nursing assistants and orderlies prioritize the daily lives of patients by supporting them with their daily activities, they as well appropriate treatment areas by cleaning them.

Paycheque: $30, 290

  1. Nurse Anaesthetists, Midwives, and practitioners
    They attend to the basic desires of healthcare and medical facilities; they coordinate patient care and provide primary care.

Paycheque: $123, 780

  1. Nuclear Medicine technologists
    Nuclear medicine technologists are medical practitioners that wire radioactive medicines and administer them to patients for treatment

Paycheque: $78, 760

  1. Occupational health and safety specialists and technicians
    These are safety professionals that commit to obtaining data and examining work environments and their procedures.

Paycheque: $74, 870

  1. Occupational therapists
    These are specialists that hasten the recovery rate of ailing individuals, injured patients, and physically challenged persons with a therapeutic means that contains the person’s everyday life activities.

Paycheque: $85, 570

  1. Occupational therapy assistants and aides
    Occupational therapy assistants and aides encourage the day-to-day productivity of an individual by aiding the development, and skills required to improve human health, living, and work.

Paycheque: $61, 520

  1. Optometrists
    They are in charge of the diagnostic, and treatments required in helping visually impaired individuals with eye injuries, conditions, and disorders.

Paycheque: $124, 300

  1. Optician
    Opticians are in charge of prescribing suitable eyeglasses that fit as solutions to eye problems, they carry out their jobs by adhering to prescriptions from Optometrists.
  2. Orothotists and Prosthetists.
    Orthotics and Prosthetists fabricate synthetic limbs and medical supportive equipment for patients
    Paycheque: $75, 440
  3. Pharmacists
    Pharmacists are medical practitioners in charge of disbursing medications to patients

Paycheque: $128, 570

  1. Physicians and surgeons
    The work of a Physician and surgeon is to diagnose and tender to health infirmities ranging from simple injuries to chronic diseases.

Paycheque: $208, 000

  1. Physical therapists
    They aid injured and ill people in advance in movement and manage pain

Paycheque: $95, 620

  1. Physical therapist assistants
    Their work is to assist the physical therapist in tending to physical injured and/or sick patients

Paycheque: $49, 180

  1. Physician assistant
    A physician assistant is a medical practitioner that teams up with other physicians, surgeons, and other medically qualified individuals to ensure the development of the ailing health of the patient.

Paycheque: $122, 530

  1. Podiatrists
    They indulge in the provision of medical and surgical maintenance of the foot, ankle, and lower limb.

Paycheque: $145, 840

  1. Radiation therapists s
    They are in charge of dispensing chemotherapy for patients riddled with cancer and other related ailments

Paycheque: $82, 790

  1. Radiologic and magnetic resonance imaging technologists
    Radiologic and MRI technologists are experts in graphical examine patients, they apply imaging examinations by way of MRI to fabricate diagnostic images
    Paycheque: $61,980
  2. Registered nurses
    These are qualified medical practitioners who coordinate patient care and inform these patients about health safety and everything related.

Paycheque: $77, 600

  1. Recreational therapists
    They are in charge of directing, devising, and coordinating, maintenance, treatment, and care for patients physically challenged, ill, and/or riddled with disorders.

Paycheque: $47, 940

  1. Respiratory therapists
    Respiratory therapists tender to patients having problems respiring due to chronic diseases or injuries

Paycheque: $61, 830

  1. Surgical technologists
    They assist in surgical procedures ensuring everything is at an optimal level.

Paycheque: $48, 530

  1. Speech pathologists
    Speech pathologists are medical practitioners who are in charge of diagnosing, assessing, and treating patients with communication disorders.

  2. Paycheque: $79,060
  3. Veterinarians
    Veterinarians are medical practitioners who tender to the health demands of animals, this involves diagnostic of possible ailments and treatment procedures to such.

Paycheque: $100, 000

  1. Veterinary technicians
    Veterinary technicians ensure the diagnosis of animals by carrying out medical tests.
    Paycheque: $36, 000
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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