Human Egg Harvesting Process in Nigeria – Prices, 7 Places, Process, Reasons, and The Risk Factors


Human Egg Harvesting Process in Nigeria – Prices, 7 Places, Process, Reasons, and The Risk Factors

Numerous individuals express curiosity about the essential stages of the human egg harvest procedure, especially those who are unable to conceive. While egg harvesting can seem daunting, it is predominantly performed with the patient under general anaesthesia and usually takes no more than half an hour.

This article provides comprehensive information if you want to learn more about the egg harvesting process, including the procedure, costs, relevant locations, and potential risks.

 Prices of Human Egg Harvesting in Nigeria

The price of egg harvesting varies based on location and whether medical assistance is required. Many doctors state that expenses are higher when medical assistance is involved.

The average price is also influenced by the country of residence, with a range typically falling between $9,000 and $15,000.

In Nigeria, for instance, the price generally ranges from $3,500 to $7,500, although some clinics may offer discounts.

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Places For Human Egg Harvesting

Nigeria has emerged as an attractive hub for third-party reproductive treatments in Africa, owing to its extensive expertise in egg harvesting and fertility services, both domestically and internationally.

Patients facing infertility challenges from various parts of Europe and Africa often travel to Nigeria to benefit from its top-notch fertility solutions and comprehensive egg harvesting programs. The following are some of the locations within Nigeria that provide egg harvesting services.

  1. The M and M Fertility Hospital. Abuja, Nigeria.
  2. Deda IVF Hospital. Abuja, Nigeria.
  3. Fertility solutions centre Nigeria. Lagos, Nigeria.
  4. Nordica fertility centre (Asaba)
  5. Nordica fertility centre (Ikoyi, Lagos)
  6. Nordic fertility centre (Surulere, Lagos)
  7. Origene Health Services.

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The Process of Human Egg Harvesting

The process talks about the preparations and how the egg harvesting process works. Here we will explain it in detail.

How to Prepare For The Egg Harvesting

To begin with, the individual undergoes a series of tests to determine the number of eggs they have. This assessment typically occurs on their menstrual cycle‘s second or third day. The doctor primarily examines hormone levels in the blood and conducts ultrasound scans of the ovaries to devise a personalized medication plan to simultaneously stimulate the development of multiple eggs.

The individual then administers fertility injections to promote numerous eggs’ growth. This self-administration of medication usually continues for one and a half to two weeks. During this second stage, the doctor closely monitors the individual’s response to the medication through ultrasound examinations.

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Finally, once the ovarian follicles have reached the stage of containing matured eggs, the individual takes a final medication that is effective for 36 hours before the egg-harvesting procedure.

While most individuals undergoing medication may not encounter significant side effects, a few may experience certain symptoms such as breast sensitivity, mild fluid retention, headaches, changes in mood, hot flashes, or cold flashes, as well as difficulty sleeping.

In rare cases, the hormonal injection can potentially result in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This condition involves swelling of the ovaries, which can cause abdominal discomfort, weight gain, and other associated symptoms. When using the injection, it is important to be vigilant for these symptoms and seek medical attention if they arise.

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How Egg Harvesting Works

The primary component of the egg harvesting process involves a surgical procedure conducted under general anaesthesia, administered intravenously (IV). The individual experiences no sensation or recollection of the events throughout this procedure.

Following the administration of anaesthesia, the individual’s legs are positioned in stirrups while the surgeon performs a vaginal ultrasound. This technique inserts a needle through the vaginal wall and into the ovary. The needle is carefully guided into each ovarian follicle, and gentle suction is employed to retrieve the eggs. Typically, doctors aim to harvest around 15-20 eggs to ensure an adequate number that will mature together. Subsequently, an embryologist takes over the handling of the retrieved eggs.

Finally, the individual gradually regains consciousness approximately 30 minutes after the procedure and recovers for one to two hours at the healthcare facility before being discharged to return home.

Reasons Why People Go For Egg Harvesting

Additionally, egg harvesting is seen as an act of compassion and kindness that brings personal fulfilment and a sense of reward. Before undergoing the actual process of egg harvesting, women must undergo a series of steps. The following are some reasons that drive people to opt for egg harvesting.

  1. Financial constraints are a primary motivation for many individuals to consider egg harvesting. When faced with unemployment or a lack of lucrative job opportunities, women often choose egg harvesting as an alternative to resorting to prostitution for income generation.
  2. Helping others out of empathy: Most women who give their eggs to be harvested do so out of empathy for their fellow woman who is having challenges in conceiving.
  3. Personal relationship: Some persons freely give themselves to be harvested of their eggs due to their relationship with couples who cannot conceive.
  4. For does whose eggs are being harvested (Donors), it comes with financial benefits: For some persons, it’s just like an everyday business whereby they donate their eggs and get money in return.

Risks Factors of Human Egg Harvesting

Complications can arise when utilizing the aspirating needle during human egg harvesting. Some of these potential complications include:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Infections in the pelvic and ovaries
  3. Damage to the bowel, bladder, uterus
  4. Damage to the blood vessel
  5. Pains


Egg harvesting has emerged as a fundraising option for numerous Nigerian women, serving as an alternative to prostitution. While some women turn to egg harvesting due to limited employment opportunities, others view it as a way to assist couples struggling with infertility.

Reviewing the outlined procedure shows that the process is not as intimidating as one might initially perceive. It involves several stages, starting from initial testing and medication administration to facilitate egg development, leading to the surgical procedure. The surgery itself takes a mere 30 minutes to complete.

Providing Nigerian women with more comprehensive education about egg harvesting would be highly advantageous, as it would minimize the risks associated with the procedure and prevent potential pitfalls. Risks can include complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation, pain, and infections.

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