Women’s World Cup 2023 –  Place, Teams, Schedule, And The Battle Between USA and Netherlands, resulting in a 1-1 tie


Women’s World Cup 2023 –  Place, Teams, Schedule, And The Battle Between USA and Netherlands, resulting in a 1-1 tie

The Women’s World Cup 2023 is scheduled in Australia and New Zealand, which commenced on July 20 and will conclude on August 20. Notably, this is the first Women’s World Cup to include 32 teams divided into eight groups. England has been placed in Group D, while the Republic of Ireland competes in Group B alongside the host country Australia.

When and Where is The Woman’s World Cup For 2023 Taking Place? 

The Recent tournament is in Australia and New Zealand, making it the inaugural co-hosted Women’s World Cup. The competition commenced on July 20, and the final will be held on August 20 at the Accor Stadium in Sydney.

As the defending champions, the USA aims to make history by becoming the first team to win the tournament three times.

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Who Are The Teams Selected For The Tournament?

Below are the 32 teams that are selected for the tournament:

  1. Australia (co-hosts)
  2. New Zealand (co-hosts)
  3. China (AFC)
  4. Japan (AFC)
  5. Philippines (AFC)
  6. South Korea (AFC)
  7. Vietnam (AFC)
  8. Morocco (CAF)
  9. Nigeria (CAF)
  10. South Africa (CAF)
  11. Zambia (CAF)
  12. Canada (CONCACAF)
  13. Costa Rica (CONCACAF)
  14. Haiti (CONCACAF)
  15. Jamaica (CONCACAF)
  16. Panama (CONCACAF)
  17. United States (CONCACAF)
  18. Argentina (CONMEBOL)
  19. Brazil (CONMEBOL)
  20. Colombia (CONMEBOL)
  21. Denmark (UEFA)
  22. England (UEFA)
  23. France (UEFA)
  24. Germany (UEFA)
  25. Italy (UEFA)
  26. Netherlands (UEFA)
  27. Norway (UEFA)
  28. Portugal (UEFA)
  29. Republic of Ireland (UEFA)
  30. Spain (UEFA)
  31. Sweden (UEFA)
  32. Switzerland (UEFA)

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What is the schedule?

The group stage matches began on July 20 and spanned over two weeks, concluding on August 3. The teams that finished as group winners and runners-up advanced to the round of 16, which is scheduled to take place from August 5 to August 8.

Following the round of 16, the quarter-finals will be held in Wellington, Auckland, Brisbane, and Sydney on August 11 and 12.

The first semi-final is set for August 15 in Auckland, while the other semi-final will be held on August 16 at the Accor Stadium in Sydney. The final match will also be hosted at the Accor Stadium on August 20.

Before the final, a third-place play-off will occur on August 19 in Brisbane.

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Here is the Schedule For each team:

July 28

Group G: Argentina 2-2 South Africa
Group D: England vs Denmark (9.30am)
Group D: China vs Haiti (12 pm)

July 29

Group G: Sweden vs Italy (8.30 am)
Group F: France vs Brazil (11 am)
Group F: Panama vs Jamaica (1.30 pm)

July 30

Group H: South Korea vs Morocco (5.30 am)
Group H: Germany vs Colombia (10.30 am)
Group A: Norway vs Philippines (8 am)
Group A: Switzerland vs New Zealand (8 am)

July 31

Group C: Japan vs Spain (8 am)
Group C: Costa Rica vs Zambia (8am)
Group B: Republic of Ireland vs Nigeria (11 am)
Group B: Canada vs Australia (11 am)

August 1

Group E: Vietnam vs Netherlands (8 am)
Group E: Portugal vs USA (8am)
Group D: China vs England (12 pm)
Group D: Haiti vs Denmark (12 pm)

August 2

Group G: Argentina vs Sweden (8am)
Group G: South Africa vs Italy (8 am)
Group F: Panama vs France (11 am)
Group F: Jamaica vs Brazil (11 am)

August 3

Group H: Morocco vs Colombia (11 am)
Group H: South Korea vs Germany (11 am)

Round of 16

August 5

Group A winner vs Group C runner-up (6 am)
Group C winner vs Group A runner-up (9am)

August 6

Group E winner vs Group G runner-up (3 am)
Group G winner vs Group E runner-up (10 am)

August 7

Group B winner vs Group D runner-up (11.30 am)
Group D winner vs Group B runner-up (8.30 am)

August 8

Group H winner vs Group F runner-up (9 am)
Group F winner vs Group H runner-up (12 pm)


August 11

QF1: Group A winner/Group C runner-up vs Group E winner/Group G runner-up (2 am)
QF2: Group C winner/Group A runner-up vs Group G winner/Group E runner-up (8.30 am)

August 12

QF3: Group B winner/Group D runner-up vs Group F winner/Group H runner-up (8am)
QF4: Group D winner/Group B runner-up vs Group H winner/Group F runner-up (11.30am)


August 15

SF1: Winner of Quarter Final 1 vs Winner of Quarter Final 2 (9 am)

August 16

SF2: Winner of Quarter Final 3 vs Winner of Quarter Final 4 (11 am)

Third Place Match

August 19

Loser of Semi-final 1 vs Loser of Semi-final 2 (9 am)


August 20

Winner of Semi-final 1 vs Winner of Semi-final 2 (11 am)

The Battle Between USA  and Netherlands For a 1-1 Tie

The USA and the Netherlands concluded their match in a 1-1 tie during the highly anticipated 2023 Women’s World Cup encounter. The Netherlands took an early lead at the 17-minute mark when midfielder Jill Roord scored a goal past USWNT goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher, putting pressure on the two-time defending champions to respond.

Nevertheless, the USWNT’s co-captain, Lindsey Horan, rose to the challenge, equalizing the match with a goal, as both teams fiercely competed at Sky Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand, with 30 minutes remaining on the clock.

This turned the tide in favour of the U.S., with co-captain and forward Alex Morgan also attempting to score, but her goal was ruled offside and not counted.

Both teams battled fiercely to gain the lead, but neither could add another point to their final scores. Throughout the match, the USWNT directed 18 shots towards Netherlands goalie Daphne van Domselaar, but only three were on target.

Following the game, 29-year-old Horan acknowledged that the first half of the match was challenging, but she expressed satisfaction with the outcome. She highlighted the team’s efforts in fighting for the ball, running a lot, and generating momentum in their favour. She concluded that they were not disappointed because they addressed and resolved things in the right manner.

In conclusion, always visit the website and read the article to refresh your memory regarding the upcoming tournament.

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