JAMB UTME 2022 -What you should know before getting JAMB form 2022 to avoid failure


JAMB UTME 2022 -What you should know before getting JAMB form 2022 to avoid failure

Every year, thousands if not millions of Nigerians keep registering for one of the most popular and important examinations in Nigeria, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB. Thousands of university aspirants sat for the 2021 JAMB UTME and so will many sit for the 2022 JAMB.

After the conclusion of the 2021 JAMB UTME, most candidates were keeping their fingers crossed while others went home feeling relaxed because of the high score they recorded. Whichever category you find yourself in, one thing is for sure, your score.

No matter how high, it is not a guarantee that you are sure of gaining admission into the university. Also if your score is low, it does not mean that you don’t have chances of gaining admission into a higher institution. This is so because records have shown that even those who scored high in the JAMB couldn’t secure their admission while those who had a low score ended up gaining admission into the institution of their choice.

You may wonder, what is this so?. One reason is the university and the laid down cut off points pertaining to a particular institution. So in other to secure your admission and to know the next step to take after writing your JAMB UTME, there are several salient questions you need to ask and then try to find answers to them. If you are a JAMB candidate, do well to ask the following questions ;

What to do before considering picking 2022 JAMB form

1.What was the cut-off mark of the institution I applied to last year?

Knowing the cut-off mark of your intended institution the previous year will help you know if you are on track or stand any chance of being given admission as most institutions annually regulate their cut-off mark. So do well to find out what the present cut-off mark is.

2. Do I need a change of course/institution? (Note: there is yet to be a commencement of change of institution/university )

If you happen to find out that you have really fallen behind the cut-Off mark set by your intended institution, you could consider a change of institution as soon as possible. You might go in for a Polytechnic if you don’t want to wait for another year to resist the JAMB.

3. What’s the school’s Post-UTME Screening like?

Very important! You need to find out the nature and structure of the Institution’s Post-UTME, so as to know how to prepare, what to prepare for, in order not to be caught off guard. In some institutions, you will have to write a Post-UTME screening exam while others mostly require you to submit some credentials listed by the institution.

4. How Can I make adequate preparation for my school’s Post-UTME Screening?

With the introduction of CBT where you can see your JAMB immediately after you finish writing, Commence preparation for your institution’s Post-UTME screening immediately, don’t wait for the cut-off mark to be released before you Commence. Always remember that “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. So you must not leave any stone unturned.

Finally, do not wait until the Post-UTME forms are out before you start preparing, time may not be on your side. It is better to start early so as not to be under pressure.

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