Flight booking in Nigeria -4 ways to book cheap flight in Nigeria


Flight booking in Nigeria -4 ways to book cheap flight in Nigeria

Booking a flight ticket is far more difficult than taking a bus to visit a friend. This is because the prices of flights rise and fall at different intervals. Hence, to book a cheap ticket, one has to follow a strict, careful procedure. The following tips will guide you on how to book a cheap flight without having to empty your account to do so.

Many prefer to travel by bus, not because they love it but due to the high cost of boarding a plane. But at the same time, one can still board a flight to his destination at a cheap rate, I am sure you might be hearing this for the first time.

How to book a cheap flight in Nigeria

1) Travel during the Week

The cost of booking a flight tends to be cheaper on weekdays than at the weekends. This is so because you find fewer people travelling during the week. During weekends so many people will be travelling on either business trip, or vacation thereby resulting in an increase in the cost of travelling by air. Report shows that the best days to book a cheap flight is Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So if you want to book a cheap flight, do so on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

2) Advanced Booking

Advanced booking is another way you can book a cheap flight. This is because the prices fluctuates with respect to certain days. During holidays and festive periods, the price of booking a flight tends to increase because of high demand. Hence the need to book in advance to avoid any inconveniences. Advanced booking reduces tension and helps you avoid unnecessary rush and also helps you stay online with what you budgeted for your flight.

3) Prices Comparison

It is always good to compare the prices of flights of different companies by using search tools like Skyscanner.net, Google flights or kiwi.com to find out flight prices and dates. The one that favours your budget and the one you can afford, then you can book the flight with the company.

4) Use Incognito mode

This may look strange but it plays an important role when you are trying to book a cheap flight. Incognito mode is a feature in your browser that clears cookies and browsing history automatically. Cookie are used by most flight companies to regulate the prices of their flight as such they tend to increase the prices of their flight when they notice that a particular route has been searched for repeatedly, hence the need to use incognito mode when browsing which will keep your browsing secret making it possible for the flight ticket to be sold at a discount price.

How To Book Flights Online

The world in itself has become digital, as such people just sit at the confines of their homes to book a flight, if you are having the challenge of booking a flight online, we have got you covered as we present to you a list of sites that you can login to book a flight as well as check the prices and dates;

• Wakanow

• Jumia

• Wego

• Edreams

• Cheapflights.com

• Emirates

• Travelstart

• Ethiopian Airlines

• Esky

• Momondo.

• Kayak.

• Expedia.

• Priceline.

• Orbitz.

• Agoda.

• Hotwire.


Having gone through the tips on how to book a cheap flight in Nigeria, and also the verious site you can visit when booking flight online, I am sure you will no longer have a challenge with booking a flight.

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