Just in: Fresh Attack on Kaduna, many dead, scores injured.


Just in: Fresh Attack on Kaduna, many dead, scores injured.

Just in: Fresh Attack on Kaduna, many dead, scores injured. As of around 3 am on Thursday, major communities in the Kajuru Local Government area, Kaduna attested to the surging effect of local banditry.

Following the narration of one Gambo Mohammed who witnessed the horrific show that lasted for about 6 hours. More than 45 people were killed, scores of individuals were maimed, and hundreds of houses were shelled and burnt down after terrorists attacked Kaduna state with an assault helicopter.

Areas such as; Ungwan Gamu, Dogon Noma, Ungwan Sarki, Maikori and Maro became ground zero to simultaneously carried out assaults.

The terrorist had, before factoring in the power of their helicopter, stormed the aforementioned areas on motorcycles in large capacity and began spraying bullets at everything and everyone.

While this was ongoing, the vigilantes in charge of those areas along with some of the gallant youths banded together arming themselves with locally made weapons to suppress the full-scale attack upon its onset.

A glimpse of hope began rising along with the white helicopter that pierced the sky at ramming speed, one that was believed to support by the Nigerian Air Force, this, Mr Awemi Dio Maisamari, the National President of the Adara Department Association (ADA) confirmed. But such hope was dashed as the helicopter which was laced with guns began shelling buildings.

The youths and vigilantes were forced to lay down their arms and flee giving total unapproachable freedom to the bandits operating on the ground, one which they effectively used to burn down houses, attain livestock and farmlands

Following the conclusion of their operation, the death toll climbed to 45 and the injured victims had become 120.

witnesses the likes of Mr Aremu confessed that help from the Nigerian security agencies was not rendered, all attempts to reach out to the Commissioner for Internal Security, Samuel Aruwan had proved abortive, and that their towns formerly occupied at large capacities had become desolate.


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