Ondo blood bath: Evil Gunmen worshippers


Ondo blood bath: “they were dressed as worshippers”

Ondo blood bath: Evil Gunmen worshippers. An eyewitness has opened up adding to the already sailing narrative saying that the gunmen had presented themselves as would-be Sunday worshippers.

Upon their entry, many would-be convinced that they were only present to serve God.

But Sunday mass took a detour from the intended mode of conduct and a handful of individuals were murdered in cold blood. With the scriptures stained —literally.

Olabamiji had this to say;

Ondo blood bath: Evil Gunmen worshippers” We saw them. They didn’t cover their faces. Initially, we thought that they were going into the church for the service, not knowing that they were gunmen. Suddenly, we heard gunshots. They directed the gun at everyone, particularly women and children”.

The arrival of the gunmen into the church Premises was occasioned by the closure of mass, as worshippers with various demeanours readied themselves to vacate.

eyewitnesses said handmade explosives were launched as a smoke screen while the exit doors were guarded by armed men in order to shoot, on sight, anyone trying to escape

With the whole church in a state of utter disarray, the gunmen began firing at will claiming the lives of unsuspecting worshippers—the popular narrative carried by all.

The Kidnap of the Methodist church prelate should have been a staunch warning; it was only a consecution of days before blood rained in Owo.

The aftermath of the full calibre assault plunged the inhabitants of Owo into a state of confusion, with many running for their lives and some survivors, desperately searching for their loved ones.

Ondo blood bath: Evil Gunmen worshippers, with pandemonium excelling at its peak, one can only address the incident that transpired at Saint Francis Catholic Church, Owa-luwa street, Owo, Ondo state as an actualized print copy of the intended endeavour of the attackers. another ritual completely blindsiding the security of the nation.

We should have seen this coming.


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