Meet Leopold II of Belgium, the man who Ate Africans


Meet Leopold II of Belgium, the man who Ate Africans


“With every day, and from both sides of my intelligence, the moral and the intellectual, I thus drew steadily nearer to that truth, by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck: that man is not truly one, but truly two.”—Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 

Meet Leopold II of Belgium, the man who Ate Africans, First an embodiment of a certain spectrum of good, and then the pricking unadulterated non-conforming evil; as easily personified: Leopold II.

But grazing through history you’d find a handful of truly malignant people, one of which is Nero Ceaser, and with time more surfaced in multitudes with certain lust to incite rue till their deeds couldn’t be comprehended by the human mind.

Before Adolf Hitler came along, there was Leopold the second of Belgium.

He was twice the man Hitler was. A true emissary of ill-luck who for one was bent on burning every entitlement wielded by all sentient life forms in Congo.

He could be addressed as a dreaded xenophobe, a paedophile, a racist, a Dictator, a doctor in all mechanization of evil— a spit on the face of moral essence.

Although Lucifer personified, Leopold could only achieve the dehumanization of DR congo with the aid of his blood-sucking lackeys, his head demons; Leon Fieve, Rene de Parmentier, and Leon Rom.

To effectuate their flex, they almost never stopped gloating about the stock of heads they had cut off.

Born on the 9th of April, 1835 Leopold the second soon seized power over the Democratic Republic of Congo in the year 1885 by way of colonial imposition, he reigned as the de facto patriarch for 23 years.

the modern world had come to learn of him as the course of his reign diminished the total Congolese population by disposing of half the populace, a parallel of about 15million; some he did willfully under the course of his interest others by his sheer ignorance that subjected the land to extreme misery, famine, and generally low life expectancy.

He invested in human limbs as a form of deterrent, an odd technique used in ensuring daily productivity and exerting control. He exploited the land and made it both his pocket of Ivory and a personal bank account.

He subjected the innates of Congo to a crippling daily quota of ivory and on good days, he made them produce rubber; a million-dollar corporation that cost the Congolese their limbs at most, those who couldn’t meet the daily quota.

He would command that the workers who couldn’t meet his stipulated quota have their hands and legs be severed off or have them killed. When touched by the scriptures, he’d temper his justice with mercy and send them off to be raped; for such to be effectively exercised. He had designed huts ideally for the harassment of girls and women.

The tales of his acts became vivid that they infringed on the conscience of blacks and whites likewise.

Some became tongue-tied upon hearing such, others the likes of Mark Twain were inspired to tell a tale of the “Monarch of Belgium”. A mirror into the heart of man.

A present variant of such is the best-selling fiction “Heart of darkness” a Joseph Conrad’s retelling of the man that ate Africans, an explicit definition of Leopold’s tyranny in gory details.

Meet Leopold II of Belgium, the man who Ate Africans, While many joggled with the possibility of such, Auther Conan Doyle, English Author, and journalist took to liberate Congo and engender some form of justice by exposing the absolutism of Leopold the second on paper.

Upon raining hell on Africa, Leopold’s drive and ambitions were approved and effectively supported by 14 European countries, with the united state of America being first in line and a fan of such.

They had commemorated his malignancy in the Berlin Conference where Africa was parted into quadrants for the taking of European countries.

Meet Leopold II of Belgium, the man who Ate Africans, His reign became at risk of ending after the Italian warhead, and society tumour, Gennaro Rubino, perpetuated 3 attempts to gun down the dictator on the 15th of November 1902. He flunked all chances.

Leopold’s end came imminently after he was pressured to release power, upon doing so, he responded by saying his deeds would forever go untold. To such, he supposedly burned down his palace along with every record of his deeds.

Around 1904, DR Congo was allowed to breathe.

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