Metaphor -57 examples and uses of metaphor


Metaphor -57 examples and uses of metaphor


A metaphor is a figure of speech, in which a phrase or word is used in a literal sense to compare or in place of another word, phrase or an idea to show the comparison or analogy between them, without the use of “like” or “as”. Metaphor is used to affirm that two things are not only similar but identical in comparison.

In writing a metaphor, it is very pertinent that writers construct appropriate metaphors so that the comparative meaning is not lost to the reader. In fact, metaphors depend on the intelligible combination of the main term and a secondary term. The main term carries the concrete or literal entity, and the subordinate term is used figuratively to add meaning. For example, in the metaphor “The bag was a blue”, the main term is “bag” and the secondary term is “blue”. The use of blue gives the bag a figurative meaning.

Below are some of the benefits that come with integrating metaphor into your work;

Create A Mental Picture or Imagery

The use of Metaphor in any literary work helps the writer to create a mental picture for readers which is limited by mere description. Put simply, an efficient metaphor obviates the need for unreasonable elaboration on the writer’s part. Rather, by unquestionably making a comparison between two different things, a mental picture is created for the reader to make room for greater comprehension and meaning. This mental picture or imagery results from the use of Metaphor as a literary device.

Stir Emotion and Thoughts

When writers make use of Metaphor as a literary device, it usually makes the reader ponder over the truth in the comparison, and the thoughts, in turn, might stir up emotions in the reader with a successful metaphor by realizing the validity of the comparison.

Examples of Metaphor

• Age is a state of mind.

• She is just a late bloomer.

• He is the black sheep of the family

• He’s buried in a sea of paperwork.

• There is a garden in her face.

• There is a weight on my shoulder.

• No man is an island.

• She has been living in a bubble.

• That actor is a tall drink of water.

• Last night I slept the sleep of the dead.

• I’m pleased to meet your better half.

• The new parents had stars in their eyes.

• Laughter is the best medicine.

• The criminal has blood on his hands.

• Our family is a patchwork quilt.

• Time is money.

• Your argument is a slippery slope.

• His heart of stone surprised me.

• We found it under a blanket of sand.

• I smell success in this building.

• Knowledge is power.

• John is a lion in the battlefield.

• Life is a stage made up of different artists.

• Depression is a very good friend of mine.

• My home is a jungle.

• The Search for true love is an adventure.

• I am your guardian angel.

• I am the shadow that follows you where you go.

• The smile of unmatched beauty is healing to the bones.

• You are my knight in shining armour.

• You are a rising star.

• It rained cat and dog yesterday.

• My kingdom is a den of lions.

• Love is a butterfly.

• Love is a soft, tender and gentle breeze.

• Your success is a pain in the ass.

• “I am the way the truth and the life”

• My teacher is a bull.

• Lucian’s eyes were fireflies.

• His eyes were fire as he stared at her.

• You are my healing potion.

• The road ahead was a ribbon stretching across the desert.

• Life is a rollercoaster.

• His heart is a cold stone.

• Her remarks were fiery arrows to him.

• Jeff is a cheetah.

• He is a fearless hyena.

• Love is an optical illusion.

• John’s life is a movie in 3D.

• John is a fox in a box.

• Remi is a Greek God in Rome.

• Stella’s voice is a hurricane in the throat.

• Chelsea’s kisses are a candy in the ice.

• The moon is the smiling sun at night.

• Sonya is a golden fish in the ocean.

• My coach is a dancing dragon.

• The fierce blind man is a toothless lion.

• The social worker is a ring in a pig’s snout.


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