Showing Kindness – 30 Incredible Examples Of How To Show Kindness 


Showing Kindness – 30 Examples Of How To Show Kindness 

Demonstrating kindness doesn’t always require grand gestures; even small acts can be considered acts of kindness, depending on the intention and mindset behind them. Kindness is an inherent trait in some individuals; they naturally embody it.

The concept of “what goes around comes around” suggests that the kindness we show to others will eventually be returned to us or our loved ones in some form. This is because acts of kindness have a reflective nature. However, it is important to note that one should not expect anything in return when extending kindness to others.

If you’re unsure about what acts of kindness entail or feel overwhelmed by the idea of showing kindness, I will discuss specific acts commonly recognized as acts of kindness in this post.

Kindness encompasses the actions and attitudes demonstrating care, concern, and thoughtfulness towards oneself and others. It involves displaying positive and compassionate qualities, such as considering the needs of others and fostering goodwill. Kindness is vital in human connections, fostering empathy and a sense of shared humanity.

Showing Kindness - Kindness Examples


  1. Babysitting your neighbour’s child while she is away.
  2. Helping old people to cross the road.
  3. Offering to the poor.
  4. Giving up your seat for the elderly or nursing mother in a vehicle.
  5. Saying sorry and “are you okay”? After someone coughs or sneezes.
  6. Visiting the children at orphanage homes.
  7. Treating others like your relative.
  8. Smiling while conversing with strangers.
  9. Calling and checking on people after a long time.
  10. Buying coffee for your friends.
  11. Keep your surroundings clean, e.g. You can see and clean a messed up spot in your office, be kind to clean the area.
  12. Sending in messages to celebrants, bereaved, etc.
  13. Being friends with the kid who is bullied in school.
  14. Helping your siblings with laundry when they are sick.
  15. Reading your kids’ bedtime stories.
  16. Adhering to instructions.
  17. Greeting people irrespective of age.
  18. Standing by someone in times of trouble.
  19. Making sure people around you are happy.
  20. Expressing emotions.
  21. Teaching other people’s kids to be good.
  22. Helping your mom with her hairdo.
  23. Being nice to your boss.
  24. Apologising when you are wrong.
  25. Invite friends to join you at the cinema by purchasing tickets and asking them to watch movies together.
  26. Refusing to hurt someone.
  27. Contributing positively to your relationship.
  28. Making breakfast in bed for your partner.
  29. Building yourself to be inviting.
  30. Saying goodnight.

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