Minutes of meeting example


Minutes of meeting example 

What are minutes of meeting?

This is simply, taking down or putting into writing, everything that happened and everything that was deliberated in the meeting. Taking minutes of meeting, helps to keep a record of things deliberated during the meeting and also makes it easy for future reference. 

Minutes of a meeting does not refer to the measurable time but rather, the “my-newt” things said and done in the meeting. This helps a lot for future references and documentation. 

When writing minutes of meeting the following things should be considered in order to be able to write an effective minute of the meeting. 

  • Pre-planning
  • Record taking at the meeting 
  • Minute writing or transcribing 
  • Sharing or distribution of previous minutes
  • Preserving of the minute for future referencing 

A very well-planned meeting always ensures a perfect minute-taking. A well-planned meeting always follows the day’s agenda, and what will be deliberated doing the meeting. If the chairperson and the secretary work hand in hand to plan properly for the meeting, it will make minute-taking perfect providing the minute-taker knows how to take down minutes of a meeting.

What is an Agenda?

This is simply an outline of the meeting activities. Put in place what the meeting is for, the purpose of the meeting, outlining what and what will be deliberated in the meeting to help get a good and successful meeting. Without an agenda in a meeting, people always turn to discus over things that are not really important and might end up not accomplishing the main purpose of the meeting.

What is the main aim or purpose of minutes of meeting 

The name minute should not get people confused because no board will ever ask for a minute by minute documentation of what happened in their meetings. But rather, need the important and necessary things said in the meeting. The purpose of minutes of a meeting is as simple as that, to capture the important and necessary things being said or done in the meeting. 

It is always very important to capture details such as 

  • Decisions made in d meeting 
  • Next plans set in the meeting 
  • The essence of the meeting 
  • Identifying action items in the meeting 

If you have been asked or assigned to write minutes of a meeting, just follow the steps listed above, try capturing the essence of the meeting in your minutes. Do not try to capture every minute of the meeting because it is not going to be easy to.do so, and it is not relevant. Only capture and write down relevant and important things in the meeting.


When you do this you will be able to put down effective minutes of the meeting which will be of good use in the near future. 

Minutes of meeting example

  1. Opening remarks by persons name and time
  2. Reading of previous minute by persons name and time 
  3. Writing down of important points made in the meeting and name of person or persons who said or made the comments. 


Comments were made by Peter Ekong to address unemployment in the community. 

It was agreed that no one should come to work after 9 am 

  1. Any other business (AOB)
  2. Schedule of next meeting 
  3. Clossing remarks by persons name and time 


After closing remarks by the chairman,

Mr A moved a motion that the meeting should be adjourned 

And it was seconded by Mr C

At every meeting, previous minutes of the meeting is always read to know what and what happened the last meeting and also, know if there were issues that were not properly handled in the previous meeting. Minute of meetings is always a very good and useful reference point in an organisation. There is no meeting that minutes are not being taken down for the future purpose. 

In conclusion, it is very easy to write minutes of meetings. Do not try to capture every minute of the meeting, just get every key fact in the meeting. Every point, comments and contributions made in the meeting. And a proper planning i.e agenda also helps in a proper and effective minute taking in a meeting. When planning a meeting its proper for the chairperson and secretary to put together a proper agenda to aid an effective meeting and also minute writing.

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