Nigerian National Symbols and Their Meaning


Nigerian National Symbols and Their Meaning

Do you want to learn about the Nigerian national symbol and what it stands for or what its meaning is? This is one of the methods of identifying a country; it can represent that country in the global environment.

In Nigeria, many symbols have various meanings and what they stand for; some represent unity, strength, peace, and progress, while others represent the country in both the national and international economic markets.

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These Nigerian national symbols may include the Nigerian coat of arms, the national flag, the Nigerian Currency, the national anthem, the national flower, and many other symbols that can represent the country.

Below are the Nigerian National Symbols and their meaning or what they stand for:

1. National Flag

This is one of the Nigerian National symbols widely used nationally and internationally to represent the country. Before this flag was adopted, Nigeria used the British Flag before 1960.

Nigerian Flag Images | Free Photos, PNG Stickers, Wallpapers & Backgrounds  - rawpixel

It was designed by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, a student at Norwood Technical College, London, in 1959, and it is hoisted or found in Government houses, embassies, National Assembly, Public buildings, and Buildings Housing major international bodies.

This flag has two colours: Green and White. Green stands for the Nation’s natural wealth, while White Colour stands for Peace and Unity.

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The position of this flag at various levels at the flag pole has different meanings and messages it gives people. If the flag is placed or flown at half-mast, it means that the country is mourning the death of a notable citizen or the massive loss; it can also mean that the government is passing through or in political and socio-economic turmoil.

But when it is raised to its maximum height (the normal position), the Nation is happy and in harmony.

2. Nigerian Currency

Why we're replacing naira notes -- CBN | Premium Times Nigeria

This is the widely accepted national official legal tender, and it is in the following denominations issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria: N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N200, N500, and N1,000.

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3. National Anthem

This musical composition provokes memories to honour the brave deeds of its past heroes and evokes the aspirations of the new generations to serve their country with love, strength and faith. It joins hands in building a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

4. Coat of Arm

National symbols of Nigeria - Wikipedia

The Nigerian Coat of Arms is another Nigerian National symbol with much meaning attached to it, which should not be overlooked. It can also be called the National logo, with several parts showing what it stands for. These parts include;

  • An Eagle represents the pride and strength of the country.
  • The Two Horses represent dignity and strength.
  • The Shield’s colour represents the fertility of the Nigerian soil and the country’s large deposit of mineral resources.
  • The wavy band on the Shield or the wavy Y-line represents the two largest rivers in the country, River Benue and River Niger, which met and thereby formed a Y shape.
  • You can find the Costus Spectabilis at the shield base. It is one of Nigeria’s commonest wildflowers and is also used as the country’s national flower.
  • You can also see an Inscription at the bottom of the coat of arms, which reads: Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress.

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5. The National flower

National Symbol Flower of Nigeria: the Costus spectabilis - BlackGeeks  Nigeria

You may not have heard about this, but Nigeria also has a flower as its National symbol. This is a common wildflower in Nigeria, and the name is Costus Spectabilis; it appears in various—varieties, with each flower species exhibiting characteristics that do not vary in their features.

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6. The Seal of the Nigerian President

PRESIDENCY | Time for Atiku to Finally Exit, End Ambition to be President |  METROWATCH - Metrowatchonline

This is one of the most important symbols in Nigeria; it can be used as the president’s mark of authority. It was first used by President Shehu Shagari in 1979 and has been abandoned since then. It was reintroduced in the fourth republic in 1999 and has been used to date.

This seal has the image of the country’s coat of arms and the following words: The Seal of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

7. Photograph of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

May 29: Tinubu's official portrait unveiled - Tribune Online

The photograph of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can also be used as one of the Nigerian national symbols; it can be used to represent the president of the country in a social gathering or even in the offices of the top-ranking leaders.

8. Nigerian National Pledge

SOUND EFFECT: Nigerian National Pledge (Mp3 Download)

The Nigeria pledge is the commitment and profession of allegiance towards the country. It is an oath of allegiance to Nigeria and was drafted by Professor Felicia Adaebola in 1976, followed by a decree made by General Olusegun Obasanjo that all school-going children should recite the pledge daily.

It reads thus:

I pledge to Nigeria, my country, to be faithful, Loyal and Honest, to serve Nigeria with all my strength to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory. So Help Me God

9. National Animal

Painting Eagle PNG Image - Picpng | Eagle images, Eagle wallpaper, Eagle

This may not be called a national symbol because there is no reason why it was selected. The name of this animal is the Eagle. Like the coat of arms, this Eagle represents the country’s strength.

These are the National symbols and what they represent; some are used to pass on a message, as in the case of the National Anthem and pledge, while others tell about the mineral deposit in the country.

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