In Abuja on Thursday, Julius Abure, the Labour Party’s National Chairman, announced that he had resumed his position as National Chairman. He further stated that the party, under his leadership, was cohesive and free from any internal divisions.

Following the appeal made by the Labour Party regarding the case at the Federal High Court in Abuja, which had previously restrained Abure and three others from presenting themselves, Abure declared his return as the active National Chairman of the party.

Abure emphasized the importance of addressing the press conference to clarify the legal matters concerning the party’s leadership. He highlighted the need to provide accurate perspectives on the ongoing discussions and concerns surrounding the party’s leadership for an extended period.

“It is essential to emphatically and explicitly state that the Labour Party is not divided into factions. There is only one leadership within the party, which is the National Working Committee, headed by myself, Barrister Julius Abure.

“Previously, a group of individuals forcefully entered the party’s office and self-appointed themselves as party officers. This was done based on an ex parte order obtained from the FCT High Court, which has since been questioned.”

“Upon examining the pending originating summons before the FCT High Court, Apapa, it is evident that Apapa and his associates are seeking a final judgment that would compel the NEC (National Executive Committee) to appoint interim National officers for the party.

“Nevertheless, despite our objection to the court’s jurisdiction, Justice J. Muazu of the FCT High Court dismissed our objection on May 12th. On the same day, we promptly filed a Notice of Appeal. Subsequently, on Wednesday, May 17th, the appeal was officially registered at the Court of Appeal with the case number CA/ABJ/CV/559/2023.”

“In addition, we have submitted our Appellant Brief of Argument, which has been duly served on the trial courts.

“As a result, it is evident that the FCT High Court in Maitama no longer has jurisdiction over the matter, based on necessary implications.”

“The case is now scheduled in the Court of Appeal. Consequently, the High Court judge is expected to adjourn the matter indefinitely.”