NYSC relocation after camp free online application


NYSC relocation after camp free online application

NYSC relocation after camp is now easy as this can be done online. The 2014 Batch C just left their respective camps while Batch C Stream II joined on 26th November. This is a notice for NYSC Batch C corps members who would want to change their location. The NYSC Batch C change of relocation or state can now be done online free of charge.

Note: the date for this NYSC relocation after online application starts from November 7, 2014 till January 1, 2015

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How to buy NYSC complete kits online and get it delivered to you

Next action after NYSC online registration

Steps on how to change state or relocate from where you are presently posted to for 1 year National service.

  1. Visit the NYSC Online official website  then sign in with the email and password you previously used to register online.
  2. As seen in the image 1 below, click on Relocation
  3. Move to the 2nd image below: that’s the box to enter your details: the email address and password you previously registered with.
  4. Once entered correctly, you’ll see the options in image 3 below. Then the the last option which is Relocation.
  5. Click on the last option for the option in image 4 to appear.
  6. In the option, there are 4 boxes.
  • Box 1 should contain: NYSC
  • Box 2 Institution short code e.g. for Ebonyi State University, their short code is ESU
  • Box 3 should contain the service year: e.g. 2014
  • Box 4 Your call up number.






Hope you followed the steps carefully? fine! then tell us what you think using the comment box. Do not forget to share this information on facebook so that your friends out there will benefit from this.

Have fun while I fuel my car pls………

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  1. Pls sir what next after my relocation is being process and later what I see on my dashboard when i login is…. relocation application….. No other thing appear than that. What next sir


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