Solution to few problems encountered in the NYSC online registration


Solution to few problems encountered in the NYSC online registration

  • I registered but the NYSC portal says: Your Exemption Certificate is being processed
    but when I try to change Date of Birth, it tells me to make payment before I can view the panel for date of birth change. What do I do?

CLICK HERE to complete the payment and be able to change your D.O.B using WAEC or NABTEB. For people using WAEC to verify, you’ll need to buy WAEC VERIFICATION PIN.

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  • My date of birth is wrong but I cannot change it. I have printed my Green Card.

If your date of birth is wrong and you do not see option to change it after the NYSC online registration, it means that the wrong date of birth you are seeing is within the age for service. You can only see the option to change your date of birth if the date of birth is above 30years.

  • The WAEC result I have, I did not use it in school. Can I still use it to verify?

WAEC result, whether you used it in school or not, whether the result was good or not, you can use it, they only want to confirm your name and date of birth.

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  • I paid online but the portal is telling me to make payment

For those having issues of money being deducted and the portal still tell them to make payment:
This is what to do:
Step 1: Copy down the transaction code from the alert you received from your bank.
Step 2: Call your bank toll-free number or visit any of the branches close to you.
Step 3: Let them know what happened and ask for reversal
Step 4: Wait for up to 7days to get your money back.

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  • I made a wrong choice in the states I want to serve.

Well, sorry you are facing this problem of choosing the wrong states from the list of states provided. Albeit, NYSC has made it clear that it is for SURVEY purposes and might not be used in posting prospective corps members.

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  • I am a married woman and made a mistake by registering as a singe, what should I do?

Well…that mistake might be costly. I suggest you take your documents to the place you’ll be posted for the 21days orientation. Then you can apply for relocation on the basis of MARRIED and you’ll be considered.


  • Which one is GREEN CARD?

GREEN CARD is what you print after successful NYSC online registration. This document is meant to be printed colored and be taken to camp with the call up letter.

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Solution to few problems encountered in the NYSC online registration is brought to you by NYSC online

Feel free, comment below with problems you are facing, lets advise you on possible solution.

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  1. I had serious problem in the continuation of online NYSC registration bcos I find it more difficult to open page for the date of birth correction. Pls help,how may I solve this issue?

  2. please nysc deducted my money twice during the online registration and i when went to my bank for revert this is making 3 weeks up till today notthing as been done please what do i do?

  3. Pls, for changing of DOB. I made a payment and i filled the form with Nabteb verification PIN but after submision it display DOB WAS NOT FOUND. Pls help me

  4. I am Aserere Ayobami by name, i heard that people are being given grace to change the state option which they would like to serve. I just want to confirm if the information is true. thank you

  5. Pls I made a wrong choice of state when I was doing my registration and I need a closer state due to my health status pls how do I go about it

  6. l did online mobilization with batch A . and the gave me undue mobilization due to age. l have corrected the age now. Do l still need to re-register again and be remobilized since no call up number has been given to me

  7. plssss wen i did my registration on my institution date started i calculate both my ND to the year i graduated from my HND please is there any problem with that?????

  8. pls help to know if exemption certificate will be printed online as call up letters or will it be send to schools and when do i expect it?

  9. I was mobilized wit batch B but with one thing and other couldn’t make it up,am I going to pay for another registration and am I still remaining where I was posted befor.

    • Contact NYSC asap so they can push you to Stream II. You’ll be required to make online payment of N1000 to get call up letter for the new state of deployment.

      • Pls my state of origin is showing Edo instead of Imo bt i continued with my registration. Pls how can i change my state of origin back to Imo?

  10. Pls my state of origin is showing is showing Edo state instead of Imo bt i still continued with my registration and i have printed the green card.. How can i change it?


  12. Pls my state of origin is showin Edo instead of Imo bt i have finished with my registration and gotten my green card.. How can i change it to Imo,pls i need a reply.. Thanks

  13. am gbenga by name the reg is closing on 28 and until march 15 i will be able to reprint my green card hope i can still reprint after the closing date.

  14. I’m trying to print my call up letter. When I try to log in, what I see is “registration has closed. You can no longer edit your details ” what do I do

  15. I have issue with thumb printing during batch A n was asked to wait for batch B but I went for revalidation instead of remobilization n green card came out but the thumb print page did not appear.wat should I do

  16. I was told to revalidate due to thumb printing issue in batch A stream ll but I av done it in batch B registration by revalidating it. I was ask to select state n was given new green card nuber n was ask to print slip but they did not bring out thumb print page for me to thumb print ples tell what to do tanks.

  17. Good day the picture on my green card is not very clear, will there be any problem as a result of that or does it really not matter. Thanks.

  18. After creating an email account,its been impossible to move to the next stage…saying “invalid email”….I’m so confused…pls help me…i tried opening another email but was told not to..

  19. please good morning, I have read through other comments and I noticed you didn’t reply uche’s message. please I was given a wrong state of origin, I am from bayelsa but they gave me Akwa Ibom please what should I do

  20. somebody should help me pls… In d process of registration as I reached
    thumbprint stage the networt was poor., then I put my thump it kept on
    showing “verify Ur thumbprint” I did DAT several times….. but after I logout
    and login again then it took me another stage.
    Hope its registered??

  21. Good evening.. When I printed my green card I noticed that my next of kin details, my course, graduation date and name of institution details is not there… I hope it won’t affect my call up letter… Actually I’ve bn given d call up number and all other basic details are intact except those details I mentioned above.what can I do . I try reprinting it is still the same thing.

  22. I graduated a day before my 30th birthday, and now my name is out on the 2017 senate batch A list. Pls I want to know if I will be mobilized. I will be 31 by September

  23. Please sir i have registered for nysc and my date of birth is showing 1986 and i want to correct it using my waec result but i have done my Change of name because am married , how can i correct the date or what should i do

  24. I checked my name on the senate list released on the 20th of April and I was asked to proceed with my registration online but unfortunately today been 24 I tried to carry out my registration procedure but receives a message that my detail are not on the list am confused at these point pleas I need help.what’s the way out.

  25. Please am having issues with my online registration, the states to select for my deployment is not showing and am single.What do i please.

  26. Pls after correcting my date of birth i was moved to the next stage and there was no available state left for deployment among the four option what do i do

  27. after the third section … i was unable to select state of deployment…. its states that there are no more available slot… what should i do sir?

  28. Please I seriously need your help sir,my name is peace.
    Sir, please I have made my payment to the bank but am unable to print out my green card and its giving me sleepless night. Please sir tell me what to do.

  29. I’m a foreign graduate and have uploaded all my required documents, yet my dashboard keeps showing ‘you have not yet been mobilised because you have not uploaded valid documents. And the portal closes today i have not been able to print my green card yet and i did my registration two days after the portal opened. please kindly help me out

  30. Hi my name is Anu, I’m a pcm. While trying to register, the system I used got restarted at the point of payment. Login in again, I couldn’t access the payment portal for call up/exclusion letter again. Please what do I do?

  31. Please the passport used during my nysc registration is not good at all, and it is on my green card, my face is bent please how do I change it and can the green card be rejected

  32. Hello sir i am trying to register a foreign student for nysc online and i have pass stage one but stage two in not submitting. what can i do after filling all the space provided in stage two, the save and send box below refuse to go so i could proceed to the next stage.

  33. I am an international student,the payment of my remital was successful,I went back to d cafe and it keep showing me that you have not been evaluated yet, wat do I do.

  34. Good day. Please I’m trying to register as foreign student. I have uploaded waec confirmation and neco certificate at their request. Yet they still say I’ve not yet been mobilised because I have not uploaded valid document. Why so. Portal closes tomorrow

  35. pls my name is not among those senate list,I make a complain in school,and d students affairs said it wil b rectify. I don’t knw if dat is still possible bfor d closing date?

  36. pls my name is not among those senate list,I make a complain in school,and d students affairs said it wil b rectify. I don’t knw if dat is still possible bfor d closing date?

  37. Good evening, my name is Nomeh Simon Chika, I wrote waec in the year 2007 and my date of birth was errorneously put on the result. On registrating for nysc this year, I noticed that my date of birth on the jamb site was also wrongly written which obstructed from completing the registration. I was told to go for waec result verification to rectify it but my date of birth on waec is also wrongly written.
    My waec was wrongly written by my school or those that uploaded the details.
    My jamb registration was done by someone and he wrongly wrote my date of birth.

    I have other valid documents showing my real date of birth like international passport, voters card and birth certificate from national population commission.

    Please what should I do as this is about to hinder me from serving my father land.

    Please can I scan copies of the above documents to prove my case?

    Thanks as I wait your Swift response.

    Nomeh Simon Chika

  38. My school uploaded a different grade on d Nysc portal but I graduated with another grade entirely which is what I have on the statement of result. However I can still complete my registration.
    What is the implication of this and how can it be corrected?

  39. Pls, I’m highly disturb I registered with one waec that my brother registered for me in my institution which was having 1987 as my year of birth instead of 1988 and now I have registered on nysc and have been exempted but I want to serve. I have bought waec pin but when we registered the 1987 was confirmed as my registered year, I have wassce did in 2006 which was having 1988 can I still used that to confirm and will my exemption be removed to call up. please I need urgent help.

  40. good morning sir, i was posted to taraba for batch A this year but i wont be able to go to camp. i was told i could apply for re validation online but i don’t know if there is a process i have to follow before that time and will i be allowed to choose states for deployment again. thanks for your time.


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