Stage fright -causes and how to overcome it


Stage fright -causes and how to overcome it

Steps to Overcoming Stagefright

Lights! Camera! Action!

One! Two! Go!

These commands are quite common with performing artists. Singers, dancers, actors are really quite familiar with these terms because these are prompters to the beginning of every major performance they get involved in. It’s like their national anthem.

However, as often as these words occur and ring in the brains of these performers, it just quite doesn’t seem to get rid of the jitters and creepers in the nerves of so many performers. Fear still hangs around, gripping these performers tighter than the ballerina lingerie.

It’s the fear they recognise every so often; they just cannot seem to get a grip of this feeling, to be able to control it with such mastery that is expected of performers with some good level of experience.

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This is a major flaw for many that keep their feet and/or eyes glued to the floor (or ceiling); keeping them glued to centre stage at a time when they should be treading ever so artistically, gracefully and masterfully on all corners of the platform. 

What really is the cause for this fright and is there any chance to get away from it? 

Many have asked: these are the answers.

Stage fright emanates from a place of nothingness. It’s a feeling of inadequacy that whispers ever so convincingly to a willing listener, “You’re not good enough. You’ll be laughed at.  They are better than you. You’ll never be that good; you have nothing to offer. You didn’t practice enough.

These silent but loud statements ring through the hearts of all fearful performers, mastering the masters themselves in the ever-so-ready platform of life’s performance. The problem stated here and its solutions can be very much related to by not just stage performers but also anyone and everyone who has to PERFORM before one or a set of people at any given time. 

Stage fright is a killer of dreams; a maker of monuments that should have made waves with their mind-blowing movements. No matter how long it’s been in charge, crippling world-class talents, stage fright can be stopped in its tracks and kicked out of the minds of anyone who cares to read through this post with zeal and earnest alacrity in order to break out of the usual and launch into the unknown where the seemingly impossible exists.

You must understand that stage fright is not You. Just like other fleeting feelings of hunger, thirst, anger, happiness, lust, fun, this feeling can be mastered and taken charge of. It is not entirely responsible for your stagnation, it has only whispered to you lies that you have allowed to permeate your subconscious and produced a half-baked, scared-to-death shadow of yourself.

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You must realize you are the master, it is your servant. Tell it what to do. Open your mouth and reprimand the feeling. It has no room in your vision, goal and purpose-driven life. You are strong, bold, brave, courageous and more than able to do what you have set your mind to do.

These are words that should fill your heart, thoughts that should fill your mind with such tenacity and audacity that should make stage fright so uncomfortable being around. If there’s anyone to fear, let it be the audience and not you. They do not know what you have to offer but YOU DO.

You ARE the one who spent hours PRACTISING while they went about their daily lives (speaking of which: PRACTICE is non-negotiable in overcoming stage fright. It is more than important to help build your confidence and keep your adrenaline pumping for success) .

You were the one battling with your weaknesses and shortcomings when no one was there for you. You were the one who stuck through the rigorous, highly demanding process of cramming lines, revising steps, remembering lyrics, harmonizing melodies, enunciating articulately…


Stage fright is not your style. It is not your identity; it is your enemy. It is different from nervousness that every performer encounters. It is a fake that has been ratted out by you. You are not bound to the feelings of fear and shame on stage. You are entitled to your own opinions. Your voice will be heard and nothing should stop you. NOTHING!

Use your guts, your worth, your words to FIGHT your STAGE FRIGHT because you can, you must. YOU WILL!


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