An Expose on Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) and the Nigerian Situation


An Expose on Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) and the Nigerian Situation

Stingy Men Association of Nigeria!

Response: Let me see what I can do!

Let me see what I can do!

Response: Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

You can’t be online any social media platform without coming across this.

SMAN is an abbreviation for Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria.

The trend has its roots in Zambia, East Africa, where Zambian men pledged not to spend over five thousand kwacha (Zambian currency) on their girlfriends but to save or invest it and earn interest.

One man identified as Leonard Mweembe allegedly assaulted his wife over money worth 150 kwacha, claiming to be a member of SMAZ (….Of Zambia).

The SMAN trend was brought to light after singer and producer Don Jazzy tweeted “Registration complete” and sent a screenshot of his id card, and according to his card, he is the head of the union.

This particular tweet got over eleven thousand (11,000) retweets. Celebrities like Paul Okoye Aka Rude Boy and Mr Eazi and some others used the trend to “Catch Cruise“.

The seemingly harmless trend has escalated as there is an app where their so-called members can register and get their identification card. This app over the weeks has over ten thousand downloads and almost a thousand reviews. Shocking, right?

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Ugandan men have also joined the trend to limit all expenses in their relationships and invest more. A small search on Twitter will bring you lots of screenshots of guys who have embraced the association.

They claim to have saved a lot because it cut down on transportation, hair and shopping monies.

Just like in Zambia and Nigeria, the Ugandan Stingy Men Association page got over sixteen thousand members on Twitter.

The association is not for everyone as there is a list of men who are not allowed to join the men in the association. They include:

1 Men that still live with their parents

2 Men who still drop account numbers under giveaway posts

3 Men who use their hair cream as body cream

4 Men still in the university

5 Men with two bank accounts.

After passing this first stage to be a member of this “great” association, one must download the app and fill out a membership form and process the identification card.

The main reason for this trend is unknown but it’s already stirring up conversations everywhere and more men are committing themselves not to spend money on their girlfriends and or wives.

In response to SMAN, Nigerian ladies created SWAN – Stingy Women Association Of Nigeria. This was the first of the rival associations as there are several others including LBA (Lavish Boys Association) founded by Dj Spinall , WGA (Wicked Girls Association), GMAN (Generous Men Association Of Nigeria), CGAN (Cheerful Givers Association Of Nigeria) founded by famous Nigerian artiste D’banj NMMA (No Money Man Association Of Nigeria) founded by Nigerian comedian MC Lively.

Now the big question is not if it’s going to last, we all know how much we enjoy such trends and how passionate we can be over it. The question now is when this whole trend dies out as it definitely will, what will happen to the severed relationships? SMAN, SWAN, LBA, WGA, GMAN, CGAN, NMMA and the ones that will come up soon will enjoy limelight for a while then fade away after causing a little bit of beautiful disaster.

There are pictures all over the internet of men taking ladies out and not buying anything for them but they themselves are eating. Also pictures of men collecting valuables they bought for their women. These men are highly celebrated on social media and are regarded as heroes of the cause.

The ladies in a feeble attempt to balance the online battleground are now giving the men food in bits fit for only rate. Others post things like, “He gave me five thousand to cook and I used five hundred…SWAN please is that too much??” A lady posted a picture using the Facebook platform of an empty plate and spoon and asked if the stew was enough. This single post alone attracted over a thousand likes and reactions.

Now there is an online battle for dominance between Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) and Stingy Women Association of Nigeria (SWAN) members. A battle we hope to keep that way….online and not physical.

As a full member of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN), you get an identification card and a printed t-shirt with Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) logo on it.

The objectives of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) are appealing, attractive and promising: to build houses this year, to save more, buy cars and so on. The members claim that the money they spend on ladies deprived them of getting the gadgets, rides and houses they so deserve.

A couple of days ago, Grandpa Mavin, father of Don Jazzy (head of the union) and Jay Mavin (speaker) took to his Instagram page where he was soliciting for the end of the organization. He shared a video of Donjazzy singing the anthem of the association: a song by Olive De Couque. In the caption of his post, he said the identity of the association was not balanced and he was going to call a meeting for it (SMAN) to be disbanded so it doesn’t lead to World War 3.

He wrote: “That identity for that association no balance at all@donjazzy. I’m calling a meeting of the grandpas soon to disband this funny identity association that may cause world war 3 #EndSMAN.

To some people, SMAN is a salvation, because they see no other way to curb the excessive expenses on women. To the remaining few, Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) is just a trend and nothing else.

Yes, agreed, to an extent women tend to enjoy extravagant spending and expensive treats, but is Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) really the way out of all this?

In light of all the drama that has ensued lately, can we say Grandpa Mavin was right about this causing World War 3?? A simple trend now a yardstick for living.

A question lingers at the back of my mind when all this is over with and the trend dies down and fades away…. Will it also die in the hearts of die-hard members??

Ladies are now walking away from relationships with Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) members to those in LBA and CGAN. The men do not feel the impact now as they are celebrating the exit of a “gold digger”, but when this all dies down and everyone is sober again, will the story be different or will it be the same?? Will the music change its tempo or will it be the same?

All these happenings, in my opinion, have their root in the deplorable state of the nation. The African continent as a whole is infamous for its inefficient and generally ridiculous set of leaders. Flashy men and women who shamelessly push forward their grossly selfish agenda without minding the cries of the masses. The level of insensitivity is second to none in this part of the world, causing international insults and disreputable spotlights on the map of Africa.

Of course, the giant of the continent has little or no choice in bearing the flag of incompetence and general despondency very well characterized by this sect of the black race. Nigeria stands out strong as both protagonist and antagonist, hero and villain in this worldwide story called Life on Earth. We play our role quite well in being the cause of the problem as well as the solution, and this is how…

Densely ironic is the fact that as disadvantaged as many Nigerians are, we still come out tops in various sectors ranging from the economy to formal education; yet, as disadvantaged as those on the other end are, we still quite efficiently find means to soothe the pains of hardship meted out upon us by failed governance.

One of these means is the all-too-sudden trends that burst forth from somewhat inconsequential instances. A person expresses displeasure about a certain matter and voila, it becomes a national broadcast. One man’s poison becomes the nation’s poison. A large percentage of fun-seeking, event-hungry Nigerian citizens jump on one person’s matter and, to them, it soon becomes a national treasure. Trends! Trends!! Trends!!!

As adverse as these trends might be sometimes, they have a way of distracting frustrated Nigerians from the laughable situation of the country, since our leaders have failed to set a reliable structure for the development of the nation.

Things just seem to be going south, moving from bad to worse; those at the helm of affairs cannot be trusted to assure the common Nigerian of three square meals because of the unending greed and gluttony that has taken front seat in the economy of the nation. What, therefore, can the average Nigerian do to keep body and soul together?

For those who have managed to refrain from outright illicit endeavours, a very effective panacea is to find some means to make a joke of the entire situation; after all, the nation already seems to be a joke, what with the snake swallowing money…the rodent attack on the president’s office…the national budget going missing.

In reality, if everyone were to focus on the horror thrillers produced on a daily basis by the leaders of our nation, the number of suicide cases in the country would multiply exponentially. Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) is only an underlying decry and lamentation for the gutter-smelly condition of the nation. The lack of effective economic and even leadership structure will give rise to more made-up attempts to douse the surge of anger in the hearts of pained Nigerians.

Till today, we are yet to have tangible answers as regards the killing of unarmed Nigerians at the Lekki toll gate. Nigerian leaders, in their usual cunningness, has successfully swept the matter under the rug till only God knows when…if ever, it will resurface.

The EndSars attempt at giving the nation a huge make-over and effecting a lasting turn-over was quite expectedly boycotted and efficiently truncated by the wolves in sheep clothing spread across the entire nation’s policy-making corners. The baboons have once again had their way with the monkey’s hard-earned sweat of labour. They have stopped at nothing to keep this particular monkey hungry, and not just hungry, but worn-out and simply frustrated.

However, the monkey has a good sense of humor to keep tourists coming around the zoo called Nigeria. This monkey has more ways than one in keeping his body and soul together. Mr. Baboon may fight and win, but seemingly feeble monkey will laugh, make a funny face and go about hooting around the forest to keep his spirit alive. Nigerians will stop at nothing to show the Nigerian government that there is something about them that keeps them going. It’s the striving that keeps us lively.

It’s the hurting that births forth the flaunting of what’s inside. It’s a knowing that our relevance is not determined by situations but by the knowledge of who we really are. Seasons will change, times will fluctuate, trends will always come and go, but what Nigerians have on the inside is more than gold.

We Africans, Nigerians especially, are well known for our outstanding level of creativity. We never lack what to put out to the world when faced with even the worst of situations. Year in, year out; crime in, crime out; trouble come, trouble go, Nigerians remain undaunted comedians.

I can boldly say we have a whole lot more “stand up” comedians than those on stages, who have stood up and are still standing up to the nuisance of African governance on a daily basis and on every possible social media platform. Therefore, it goes even without saying that come what may, SMAN, SWAN, GMAN or CGAN, Nigerians just have to make it through. It will come and go just like every other trend before it.

Another problem will arise and Nigerians will survive. Our memes and skits will flood our statuses, our timelines, our channels and our pages, and we will laugh, ridicule, scorn and mimic our way through to the next day of our lives. We are Nigerians and we will only grow stronger as the days get tougher.

Stingy Men Association of Nigeria!

Response: Let me see what I can do!

Let me see what I can do!

Response: Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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