Synonyms – meaning and 46 examples of synonym


Synonyms – meaning and examples of synonym


Synonyms are used when you want to avoid repeating the same word over and over. Also, sometimes the word you have in mind might not be the most appropriate word, which is why finding the right synonym may look difficult.


Synonyms are words that are nearest in meaning to other words in a language.

Functions of Synonyms

1. Synonyms makes a piece of writing to be more captivating.
2. It enriches a readers vocabulary.
3. It enhances the day to day communication and improves writing skills.
4. It prevents excessively repetition of words. For example, instead of using the word happy severally, you use joyful.
5. It helps writers avoid plagiarism. Writers are open to paraphrasing using synonyms.

Examples of Synonyms:

They following are examples of words and their synonyms.

1. Terrify – Frighten, scare
2. Turmoil – Confusion, Chaos
3. Terminate – End, Abort, Stop
4. Commence – Begin, Start, Takeoff
5. Yummy – Delicious, Tasty
6. Listen – hear, hearken
7. Reject – decline, cast away
8. Diligent – Hardworking, Industrious
9. Attractive – Inviting, Appalling
10. Abnormal – Unusual, Strange
11. Preserve – Store, Keep
12. Foolish – Senseless, Unreasonable
13. Escort – Accompany, Convoy
14. Vacant – Empty, Unoccupied
15. Yearly – Annually
16. Purchase – Buy
17. Accumulate – Gather, Amass
18. Vanish- Disappear
19. Delete – Remove, Eliminate, Erase
20. Verbal – Oral, Spoken
21. Want – Desire, Wish, Crave
22. Refuse – Trash, Waste, Rubbish
23. Write – Pen down, Jot
24. Condemn – Sentence, Denounce
25. Exciting – Lively, Interesting
26. Trigger – Spark, Activate, Cause
27. Chew – Masticate, grind
28. Fat – Obese, Plumpy
29. Original – Real, Genuine
30. Lazy – Sluggish, Idle
31. Tiny – Small, Little
32. Residence – Abode, Dwelling
33. Abandon – Leave, Forsake
34. Beautify – Decorate, Adorned
35. Increase – Multiply, Enlarge
36. Enemy – Foe, Antagonist
37. Lift – Raise, Elevate
38. Partner – Helper, Accomplice
39. Intelligent – Brilliant, Bright
40. Sincere – Open, Straightforward
41. Durable – Long lasting, Substantial
42. Decrease – Reduce, Diminish
43. Defend – Protect
44. Peaceful – Quiet, Tranquillity
45. Big – Large, Great
46. Smart – Sharp, Clever

Making of Sentences with some words and their synonyms
Certain words are synonyms when they are in isolation. But when used in sentences, the meaning changes.
1.(a) Blessing is a clever girl
Blessing is a sharp girl.
1. (b) The knife is very sharp.
In this sentence, we can’t use smart or clever because it does not fit into the meaning and context of the sentence.

2.(a) The young girl terminated the pregnancy.
(b) The young girl aborted the pregnancy.
In this context, we cannot use end or stop as it does not fit into the context. But we can say:
(a) The examiner ended the exams at 12pm or (b) The examiner stopped the examins at 12pm.
In this sentence, terminate and abort cannot be used.

3. (a) Extra lesson begins next week Monday.
(b) Extra lesson commences next week Monday.
In the sentence, start and take off fits in very well.

4. (a) Only a few apartments in the building are vacant.
(b) Only a few apartments in the building are empty.

5. (a) Eve was created to be Adam’s helper.
(b) Eve was created to be Adam’s partner.

We cannot use accomplice in place of partner and helper because the meaning of accomplice does not fit with the context of the sentence.

Accomplice is used to describing a person who collaborates with another to execute an evil plan. Although, helper, partner and accomplice share one thing which is two people working together.

6. (a) The teacher said we should write the following questions.
(b) The teacher said we should jot the following questions.

7.(a) Mary’s birthday cake was so yummy.
(b) Mary’s birthday cake was so delicious.

8. (a) Christmas is a yearly celebration for Christians.
(b) Christmas is an annual celebration for Christians.

9. (a) Everybody should be hardworking.
(b) Everybody should be industrious.

10. (a) The mew of the cat got the young girl scared at night.
(b) The mew of the cat got the young girl terrified at night.

11. Iran and United State of America are enemies.
(b) Iran and United State of America are foes.

12.(a) Mary rejected the offer of two million Naira.
(b) Mary decline the offer of two million Naira.

13.(a) The protest brought great turmoil to the country.
(b) The protest brought great confusion to the country.

14. (a) The mosquito nets are durable.
(b) The mosquito nets are long-lasting.

15.(a) The President of their organization is a sincere man.
(b) The President of their organization is a straightforward man.

16.(a) Grains like rice are stored in big bags.
(b) Grains like rice are preserved in bags.


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