The Omnipotence Paradox, what it says about God you should know


The Omnipotence Paradox, what it says about God

The omnipotence paradox is a stock of paradoxes that arises with certain understandings of the term “omnipotent”.

Such paradox, for instance, can be, how possible will it be for an Omnipotent being devoid of limits and very much in place of actualizing all and every item spawned by chimerical co-ordination even the logically contradictory ones, such as creating a Square circle.

It still remains a wonder how the human mind can get messed up within split seconds. Getting a grip on the seemingly illogical at times can be a hassle or rather, it’s always a hassle.

The omnipotence paradox has an origin that can be traced back effortlessly to the Medival era at least dating back to the 12th century. Using this as an allusion the likes of Averroes addressed such seconded by Thomas Aquinas with predecessors masticating over similar words asking whether it is possible for God to “deny himself”.

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A modern-day version of such paradox is expressed in the question

“Can God create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?”.

This of course brings in a full barrel, philosophically problematic in nature. It generates a dilemma on a grand scale, God who is characterized with Omnipotency in line with his overall distinctive attribute should have no problem creating anything including a rock that he cannot lift. But doing so would reduce his status making him “next to Omnipotent” but not Omnipotent because there is a weight threshold beyond his power, which is lifting a hypothetical rock.

But then again, if he fails to create a stone he cannot lift, then something is existing that he cannot create and therefore he is not Omnipotent, in both cases he is indeed stripped of his Omnipotent status.

One close issue of great relation to this concept  of plausible contradiction is another classic paradox- the irresistible force:

“what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?”

A possible solution to this logical standstill is dissolving the existence of the other. The presence of an irresistible force connotes an unstoppable motion whether existing physical, literally, abstract, or figuratively symbolical, and for it to be that the aura has to be empty of obstacles able to counter it so that way, no immovable object can surmount.

vice versa: The formation of the immovable object proves there is no definition by tag “irresistible force” by virtue of reasoning no force can be irresistible if it can be hampered.

Some on the other hand suggest that the only way out of this paradox is if both parties never meet. But this option is null and void of a proper answer because an object cannot in principle be immovable if a force exists that can in principle move it, regardless of whether the force and object actually meet. With that, we drift back to the bone of contention

Is God Omnipotent?

It’s easily argued that Omnipotence doesn’t supersede Lucidity making it logically possible, but if so it becomes valid that the laws of logic were authored by God making it a confirmation that he resides the ability to transcend all he created including logic. This proves that God is within fit to formulate both the logically possible and illogically possible which of course includes contradictions such as squared circle, 1+1=3.

This brings about a whole gush of cognizance seeing how fickle logic can be it’s only proper to note that God subsists in a reality consisting of logical impossibilities. An idea relays that in the beginning was logic, and logic was with God and Logic was God, setting the pace for the fabric of reality by conceiving a mere thought inarguably proves that he exists in all forms of existence outside logic because he is logic. So what the human mind Is bounded to doesn’t bind God, the same way the rules of a football don’t bind a referee. So in this case what seems impossible for man easily becomes possible for God.

-God is Omnipotent that doesn’t mean he can do anything at all times according to a Christian philosopher, Norman Geisler, in a response said God can do anything that is possible according to his nature. He can’t create something greater than himself because, by definition, he is the greatest existing being. God is limited in his actions to his nature. The bible supports this, they assert, in passages such as Hebrews 6:18, which says it is “impossible for God to lie”.

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Augustine of Hippo also took a consenting position towards such;

“For he Is called Omnipotent on account of his doing what He wills, not on account of his suffering what he wills not: for if that should befall him, and would by no means be Omnipotent.

Wherefore, He cannot do something for the very reason that he is Omnipotent”.

– With that point made we’ll go back to the “irresistible force” paradox-The only way one can exist is if the other is chimerical. Similar to this pointless paradox if a rock too heavy to be carried by God exists then God doesn’t exist because what characterizes this entity is his superior complex compared to man and if something makes him inferior he is by the law of biological conception made flesh. But if he exists then the theoretical rock only exists as an idealistic question jotted in pencil.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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