Top 10 CPA Marketing Networks for Beginners


Top 10 CPA Marketing Networks for Beginners

We did an introduction into CPA marketing and in the post, we only listed a few CPA networks in that article and we know that a lot of people would rush to go and sign up and may not have a 100% success sign-up rate hence the need for this article.

CPA networks are numerous but it is important to note that the high ranking ones are difficult to sign up for if you do not have an idea of how the signup process is like.

Below is a list of things that you should take note of when signing up for a CPA network:

  • Fill the form correctly and do not try to fake anything because if you are caught, you would be rejected immediately.
  • Ensure that you use your real name on your social profile because some CPA networks check the profiles being submitted.
  • If you are called, then feel free and try to answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  • If asked promotion means, then say I use paid ad networks like Google ads, mgid amongst others and I also use tracking tools to check the conversion rate and optimise from there.
  • If you have a website that the niche is similar to CPA marketing then state it there because this can speed up your acceptance rate.
  • Finally, if you are rejected, then try again because they might accept you the second time and they are always open to welcome people who are ready to work under their terms.


CPA networks are classified into many groups and for each one we list, we would explain the niches or verticals that you can promote on the CPA network.

  1. Maxbounty: Maxbounty is the best CPA network that one can sign up for and they are a lot of verticals in Maxbounty ranging from sign-up forms, trials, PPS(Pay-Per-Sale), email submit, zip submit, and others.
  2. CPALead: CPA lead is one of the easiest CPA networks that one can sign up for and you can use your email account to create an account directly. CPA lead has good verticals and they mostly have link lockers that beginners who are new to CPA marketing can use to learn.
  3. MostCPA: Most CPA is also a good CPA network that one can also use his/her email address to sign up for and MostCPA has a lot of PPS networks
  4. Adworkmedia: Adworkmedia is another CPA network that focuses on mini offers such as signup page, email submit, zip offers and they also have link lockers that one can use alternatively to make money.
  5. Clickbooth: This is now known as Performcb and they have a lot of verticals that once can promote so if you are interested in being a Clickbooth affiliate or publisher then visit the website and click on become an affiliate partner and you would be redirected to a page where you would fill a form and afterwards you would be asked questions on promotional methods.
  6. Maxweb: Maxweb is a new CPA network with a lot of nice offers for its publishers to promote and their verticals are dating, health, Ecomm, Finance & Making Money, Nutra Skin & wellness, Trials, and Sweeptakes. From the following listed above, it can be seen that Maxweb has one of the best verticals that are easy to promote.
  7. Crackrevenue: Crackrevenue is an adult CPA network and their verticals are mostly adult related products, dating sign-ups. Bluechew is one of their most popular offers and if you are a fan of adult offers then you can sign up with them.
  8. Mobidea: Mobidea is one of the CPA networks with the best mobile offers and they also have a training academy for those who want to become CPA marketers and you can sign up with your email address. Mobidea has trials offers that can pay up to $16 dollars for every trial.
  9. Adcombo: Adcombo is a leading CPA network that offers Pay on delivery offers and some of these offers can have a commission of $20 or above so if you have mastered the art of paid traffic then visit the website and sign up immediately.
  10. A4D: A4D is one of the leading Ecomm CPA offers and you can earn as high as $25 for each offer but this ad network is mainly for experts or pros.

If you have read this post up till this point, then ensure that you apply what you have learned in this article and we would also publish a post where we list the best tracking platforms for CPA offers.


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