5 Best CMS website platforms for Website creation/design


Best CMS website platforms for Website creation/design

Website design is one of the most searched and sought after jobs in the world and a lot of people are leaving their own fields to enter into web development. Web design has an average monthly searches of 1k-10k and a medium competition in a country like Nigeria.

This is to show that it is a well-searched term. In the past, Web design was for those who knew programming languages like Html, CSS, Javascript and also in those days there was no availability of frameworks like now that makes the work of web developers easy but with the introduction of CMS like WordPress, it is very easy to build a website without knowing programming languages.

We would define some terms below that you might encounter in Web development:

  • Web Development: Web development is simply defined as the act of building and maintaining a website and this mostly involves building a website from scratch.
  • CMS: CMS is an acronym for Content Management System and these are modern-day platforms that one can build a website with without having a knowledge of programming languages used in Web development.
  • HTML: HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language and this is the basic building block of every website and without is, a website is useless. HTML is the foundation of every website and all other programming languages are the ones that complements HTML.
  • Javascript: JavaScript is the world most popular programming language and it was created in 1991 and Javascript now has other frameworks such as redux.
  • FrameWork: According to Wikipedia.com, a software framework is an abstract or concrete framework under which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code.
  • Bootstrap: This is a free and open-source CSS framework that can help you to bypass writing a lot of CSS codes while creating a website. For example, before a website can be responsive, then you would need to add CSS flexbox but with the introduction of Bootstrap, one can simply copy the bootstrap code and it would become responsive.


There are several platforms that beginners can use to create a website and some of them are outlined below:

  1. WordPress: WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and from our findings, more than 80% per cent of websites are created with WordPress. WordPress is very flexible and beginner-friendly and it also very navigable and responsive. One of the distinctive features of WordPress that makes it stand out amongst other CMS is plugins. A plugin is a software that makes it easy for one to customize a website and the presence of plugins makes it super easy to build a website within hours. Finally, third party themes and third-party plugins are supported on WordPress so if you are a developer and want to customize a theme for your website then you can go ahead with it.
  2. Joomla: Joomla is second on our list and Joomla developers are one of the most sought after developers in the world. Joomla is a bit difficult compared to WordPress because of its complexity also performing a task in WordPress might take 2 steps but on Joomla, it can take 5 steps because it has a scattered menu. Mastering Joomla is a very big advantage for any web developer.
  3. Drupal: Drupal and Joomla developers are one of the highest-paid in the world nut it is important to note that both platforms are a bit complex compared to other platforms. Drupal is SEO friendly and can be installed form you Cpanel dashboard once you have paid for a hosting plan with your preferred hosting plan provider.
  4. Wix: Wix is last on the list and it is the least popular CMS amongst all of them though it has nice qualities. Wix has a drag and drops feature that is also available in WordPress which one can easily use to create a simple web page. Wix also has a free platform that those who cannot afford hosting and domain registration plans.
  5. Creative Themes: Creative theme is different from the other ones listed above but it can be used to create simple landing pages. The creative theme is a website where you can get ready made themes that can be easily edited with a code editor like Wordpad, brackets, Vscode editor.

There are other platforms that you can use to create any website of your choice so do not be limited by the ones listed in this article. There a lot of CMS available in the dashboard of your Cpanel though some of them are strictly for specific purposes like Phpforum is for creating a forum website and Abante is for creating eCommerce websites.

Let us know other CMS using the comment box.


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