What Are Gadgets – types and examples, importance and disadvantage of gadgets


What Are Gadgets – types and examples, importance and disadvantage of gadgets

Gadgets are small, sizeable, and compact electromechanical instruments or devices. The word gadget was first used in the 18th century and was referred to as a glass-making tool, but in modern times, any small and portable device can be referred to as a gadget.

Software engineers define gadgets as a computer program that is independent of its own but provides services to other programs. In their jargon, a gadget could also be referred to as a widget. But generally, a gadget is any small smart instrument. A gadget is different from a device or tool in the context that a device is an item or piece of equipment, either mechanical or electrical which is used to accomplish a task.

A tool is any mechanical equipment used to also accomplish a task. A device may be a camera, while a gadget is an accessory used alongside the camera to make handling easy as well as making the task simple. An example is a drone for a camera. Though in some cases, a device might be a gadget contained in a set. For example, a camera is a gadget required in a photographer`s set of instruments or devices. 

You can know a gadget if it has the following characteristics and features.

  • Portability: a gadget no matter its function is always small and compact. If it happens to be of a bigger structure, it can be compressed or folded. It is convenient and easy to carry about.
  • Gadgets are not durable: this is because of their compact nature. No matter how cool or expensive they are, their lifespan is usually short.
  • Smart: they have a bit of artificial intelligence incorporated in them and have sensors through which they operate and interact.
  • They do not perform a whole task. They help in performing a minute task or part of a task.
  • One major characteristic gadgets also have is that they are fashionable.

Types of gadgets and examples

All types of gadgets have electrical and mechanical parts and are computerized. We have the following major types of gadgets under which a variety of gadgets falls into.

  • Computer gadgets: these are small devices used alongside computers (laptop or desktop). They help the computer fully and easily perform its needed functions and also add certain functions which the computer cannot do on its own. They include; card reader, webcam, security cables, external modem, wireless mouse and keyboard, laptop or tablet stand, and surge arrester.
  • Communication gadgets: these are mainly used alongside communicating instruments. They include; Bluetooth devices, modem, smartphones, and network cards.
  • Spy gadgets for security: this includes smartwatches, pen cameras, cellular jammer, seek thermal cameras, and photonic disruptors.
  • Gaming gadgets: this set of gadgets makes gaming more fun and real. They include hyperX gaming keyboard, HTC vive cosmos, Xbox one S, rocker gaming chair.
  • Medical gadgets: these gadgets can be found in the hospital, medical research center, or laboratories and at home. Some are customized for personal health use. They include the Remote Cardiac Monitor, Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, AirSonea Asthma Monitor, Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, Bluetooth stethoscope, Personal EKG (electrocardiogram), and Health-Oriented Smartwatch.
  • There are also gadgets used by different people in varying professions such as programmer (gadgets used here includes, VPN router, computer glasses, and code gamer), photographer (we have; camera phone lenses, camera lens mug, solar-powered camera strap, camera USB drive, lens bracelets, and camera lamp) and for students, we have noise-isolating headphones, smartwatches, pen, and notebook, USB fan, portable printer, Ethernet cable, flexible power strip, and light wedge reading light.

Popular gadgets found in an everyday Life includes;

  • Phones and tablets
  • Bluetooth earpiece
  • Self Brushing toothbrush
  • WeMo Smart dimmer switch
  • Triby smart portable speaker
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Bluetooth mouse and keyboard
  • Hair Straightener
  • Wireless earbud
  • Scan watches and smartwatches
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Webcams and outdoor smart Wi-Fi camera

 Just to mention a few.

Importance of gadgets

  • They aid us to do work more efficiently.
  • They help in saving space since they are compact. The majority of people would prefer to carry their phones around than their laptop especially when work needed to be done can be accomplished by the phone.
  • Some gadgets are less expensive and therefore affordable. For instance, instead of waiting to buy a laptop, a phone can be bought and used for business, health, gaming, and communication purposes.
  • Gadgets are fun and easy to use

Disadvantages of gadgets

  • They can be obsessive.
  • They cannot be easily repaired because of their miniature size. 
  • They are very fragile.
  • They make us lazy toward work.
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