Why is my Eye Twitchy? Meaning, 2 causes and remedy


Why is my Eye Twitchy?


The eyes as commonly said are called the lamp of the body. Keeping the eyes in its best condition at all times is important. Once a person loses his or her sight, that individual finds it difficult to engage in the normal activities people take part in.

The eyes are however a very important part of the body. They tell us where to go, show us things and even speak to the mind and the entire body. If the eyes are not convinced, the whole body will not make a move.

What is a Twitchy eye?

A twitchy eye is an involuntary repetitive spasm of the eyelid muscles. This twitch usually occurs on the upper eyelid but sometimes occurs on the lower eyelid too. Another name for a twitchy eye is called myokymia. It is a gentle tug that occurs on the eyelid, causing the eyes to be rubbed against with a finger.

While some persons experience a gentle spasm on the lids, others experience a harsh spasm that feels as though the eyelids should be robbed off. A case where the spasms are strong enough is called blepharospasm. This is an entirely different eye condition. Twitchy eyes occur unpredictably, from time to time and at intervals.

These twitches are considered to be harmless, the only time to be worried about twitchy eyes is when it occurs or accompanies an itchy face and unusual, uncontrollable body movements. Twitchy eyes usually last between a minute and two. When they occur, they may happen in-between days or weeks and will not be felt or experienced after a long period, even in months.

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Causes of Twitchy eye -Why is my Eye Twitchy?

Eye twitching can be caused by a number of things, most times they come with an unidentifiable cause which diseases or any eye ailment may not cause. Notwithstanding, the regular causes of eye twitches which are recurrent and can be worsened by routines or activities which may include;


Lack of Sleep: The eyes just like every other part of the body after working itself out, requires an amount of rest. The eyes are not just made to function and show us what to do, they need to relax after hours of working, by getting some sleep.

Symptom of a possible eye defect: The rare eye condition earlier stated and accompanied by twitches is blepharospasm. An undiagnosed corneal problem can also be the cause of twitchy eyes or eyelids.

Strains of the eyelid

Eye irritation


Too much intake of alcohol and caffeine

Side effects: Sometimes, twitchy eyes can also be as a result of side effects from a medication.

Other severe cases or conditions that have twitchy eyes as symptoms among others are;

Cervical dystonia

Multiple sclerosis

Tourette syndrome

Bell’s palsy (palsy of the face)

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What can be done?

Since these twitches have been discovered to be harmless and only on rare occasions require medical attention, it is advised that they be attended to, if they are hard and occur regularly, they might also be a symptom of a possible eye or brain defect and a disorder of the nervous system. However, one may need to seek medical attention if eye twitches result to the following:

A general itching on the face

Swollen eye, unusual discharge of fluids from the eyes

Drooping eyes

Red coloured eyes

Continuous twitching for days or even weeks

Complete closure of the eyelids after twitching

How is Eye Twitchy treated?

Eye twitching can be treated by first by addressing the cause of the twitches, especially if it is a symptom of a different disease or condition. However, the regular eye twitches go away on their own after a few days of inconvenience. Self-treatment of eye twitches can be done by doing the following;

Get enough sleep: Try getting adequate sleep as the twitches might be a result of lack of sleep. The eyes might be twitching just because they lack rest.

Take less caffeine and alcohol: People take caffeine-filled drinks when they need to stay awake for some reason, depriving the eyes of the rest they require and this can obviously cause eye twitching.

Use over the counter recommended eye drops to leave the eyes lubricated at all times.

The above-recommended list of self-treatment can be done only when twitches cause unnecessary inconvenience and not really the symptom of a more complicated health issue. If these things are tried or done and there is the recurrence of twitching over time, it is then advised that you visit an optometrist for help, because irregular or chronic eye twitching can be a symptom of a disease. Is your Eye Twitchy? You might need to see a doctor

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