Why is My Hair Falling out?


Why Is My Hair Falling out?


Maintaining healthy hair can be really difficult, especially when a person is obviously hairy or wants to groom a healthy hair. Hairs have a way of growing back up every single time. People who happen to be hairy, for the men who maintain short hair, they tend to visit a barbershop regularly because of how fast their hairs grow.

It has been discovered that the female hair grows twice as fast as that of the male, except a particular female is not as hairy. To maintain healthy hair, one has to know the texture and needs of his or her hair, in order to avoid breakage.

Why is my Hair falling out?

The human hair can be likened to plants or even grasses. They grow rapidly, even if they’re chopped off, after a short while, they grow back up. When hairs fall off from the scalp, it is called breakage. This is very common to the female folk as they can relate so well to it. Hair breakage can be caused by a lot of things.

It could be as a result of poor hair care or that the hair is being fed with the wrong food. Sometimes, the treatments we give to our hairs might just be too harsh, no thanks to the chemicals found in the hair products we buy regularly.

This exactly can cause breakage, other times, the chemicals might be insufficient for those who have a stubborn hair texture, causing the hair to lack nutrients and when a plant lacks nutrients, it falls off and dies. This is exactly what happens to human hair.

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What is Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage is that state where hair tends to fall off even by merely combing it. Sometimes, hair breakage can be caused by the hairstyles we wear, really tight braids, poor hair treatments and zero attention given to hair care.

There are so many reasons why your hair is falling out. Some of these reasons are:

Dryness: The causes of dry hair vary from dry weather condition to low humidity, too much heat. When the scalp is dry and lacks conditioning, it is only best to shampoo regularly and use a conditioner.

Eating Habits/Diet: The nutrients we take into our bodies are usually evident on our skin and hair. When we take vegetables and lots of water, it can help to keep our hair healthy.

Towel Drying: It is only normal and expected that we dry our hairs whenever we step out of the shower. However, this is the time when the hair is most vulnerable and prone to damage or breakage. Instead of roughly drying the hair with a towel which can cause the hair to fall off fast, one can tie a towel around the hair and let it absorb the water, that way, the hair is not compelled to dry up quickly.

Excess washing: When a material is washed excessively, even when it is not dirty, it tends to become weak over time and fades off. The same thing can be applied to hair. If a hair is oily, it is ok to wash daily and apply all the required nutrients but a naturally dry hair should be washed on a weekly basis. However, a person with oily hair should not wash the hair multiple times a day. This act alone can cause your hair to fall.

Over Processing: The chemicals used to produce hair foods most times cannot be accounted for. They are either excess or unhealthy for some hair textures. The relaxing, washing conditioning and creaming of our hairs might just be the reason your hair is falling off. Sometimes, the regular change in hair food products are the cause of hair breakage. When a person fails to stick to one hair product and applies too many chemicals, it damages the hair and the scalp over time.

Heat Damage: Excessive heat which might be caused by weather or hair treatments can be a reason for falling hairs. Though some hairstyles like tonguing, curling, etc. require heat for best results, when these things are done too many times, the hair can look pale, weak and fall off, making a person’s hair look scanty and unhealthy.

If these hairstyles are inevitable for a carrier, he or she can consider treating the hair with heat once in two weeks, using ceramic tools to style the hair. In doing this, the hair can still stay healthy.

Stress: Telogen effluvium is a type of stress that is discovered to be linked to hair breakage and damage. This type of stress forces the hair follicles to be dormant and causes hair in the growth process to fall off.

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How to keep your hair from falling off

Hair breakage can be frustrating but there are things one can do to avoid having the hair fall of from time to time, these things are;

Maintaining a good eating habit

Considering a different hairstyle that does not require excess heat.

Air dry your hair after washing

Apply good recommended shampoo and hair conditioner

Wash and condition gently

Avoid really tight hair ties of hats

With these above tips, healthy hair is achievable with amazing looks. You can try to get a professional hairstylist who knows what is best for your hair texture and nature. Until then, ensure to use only good hair products and eat healthily!

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