Why Phones Overheat and How to Prevent your Phone From Overheating


Why Phones Overheat and How to Prevent your Phone From Overheating

Overheating is something every cell phone experiences once or multiple times, it becomes strikingly annoying to the phone addicts because they would have to lay the phone down for a specific period for it to cool before using it again.

Overheating is quite common it becomes dire during summer time as it would respond to the rapid rise of temperature. But it is natural for a phone to get hot, so how can one tell if his/her phone has major heating problems?

Well, all cell phones retain a prevalent temperature range of 37-43 degrees Celsius. If your cell phone outsteps this temperature then you have a big overheating issue on your hand.

With this kind of erudition gotten, it wouldn’t be fair to leave such a problem without a remedy, so the discovery of apps like “cooling master, phone master, CPU-z, AIDA64 has put many at ease.

Why do smartphones overheat?

There is a whole encyclopedia of reasons why cell phones overheat, some of which are

Overuse of cell phone

Well, there is no specific limit to how long you should use a phone, the more reason to why phones overheat, since there is no guide the social media freaks and game addicts sees no problem in using their phones continuously without taking a break to rest from torturing it.

You see most people stream YouTube videos for 2 hours straight or even more mainly because it is a machine a gadget they feel it won’t get tired. Many just to satisfy their megalomanic appetite, they take to controlling characters in games often, worst of all they play the game with the highest graphic settings.

It seems like people are still ignorant of the most popular fact about machines, once overheated it’s likely they’ll combust in flames, and you’ll just perch on a stool, holding what once worthed forty thousand Naira or above all burnt up with a central panel that saw “kicking the bucket” as a way to find eternal rest.

Numerous background Apps

After reaching the point of boredom, where there is no turning back, you minimize that current app that has so far brought nothing spontaneous or interesting just to open another app or do something else.

When asked you’ll surely say you terminated all functionalities of the minimized app, by minimizing it, but you’re dead wrong all minimized apps are still functioning actively.

When you have such cases like this where so many apps are running in the background, it causes the phone temperature to break the roof and skyrocket, the system would have to work harder to maintain them, and if it doesn’t do so, the phone completely crashes.

Setting the phone brightness to the highest.

Many people don’t feel comfortable, if the light-emitting from their screen can’t illuminate a whole room, they increase the brightness to the highest when it’s not even a torch, it is only when an individual lacks sensitivity that he/she wouldn’t feel that the phone heats up faster when the brightness is at its highest.

Exposure to hot temperature

This is might be in relation to wave theory in physics, all phenomena are analyzed based on the matter in motion, your phone can be heated up by merely resting on an object that is building temperature in haste.

Exposing your cellular telephone to sunlight would cause it to overheat especially if it is poorly constructed both internally and externally.

A Defective phone battery

I don’t mean to imply anything racially, but the popular saying “china products no dey last” was made as a genocide speech which when expressed means all “Chinese people are plastic and fake”.

Furthermore their product since already produced as fake would be defective, same goes for phones and battery, the once never last long, they explode at which time the phone heats up uncontrollably causing it to incur unmeasurable damage.

Operating the cell phone while charging

This doesn’t only damage the battery it also blows the phone temperature out of stability. The phone gets heated up while charging. This is the main reason why adepts would advise to take off the phone casing before charging, keep it in a cool dry place and avoid running apps while charging it.


Malicious Apps are usually unoptimized pieces of code, they hog your phone’s CPU and memory, throttling them and generating a lot of heat.

Like I earlier said, there is an entire encyclopedia of reasons why the phone heats up, some of which was outlined, but there is always a remedy to prevent overheating, here are a few tips.

  • Endeavour to turn off all apps when through with using them, remember minimizing the app doesn’t mean you have closed it.
  • Reduction of phone brightness is essential, it is either you get yourself an eyeglass to help you see what your phone is displaying or risk buying a new phone, it all depends on which is more expensive.
  • Turn off all unnecessary settings. Too often you see people turn on their GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and some other options when not in use, this makes the phone heat up, so turning them off can help stop overheating.
  • Take a break for games, streaming youtube videos, and social media.
  •  Be sure to update apps, by doing so you optimize the app, an optimized App requires fewer resources so the CPU won’t be stressed.
  • Get rid of junk files and trash.
  • Do not operate the phone while charging, and it’s best to take off the phone case before charging.

IGBAJI U.C.https://igbajiugabi.com
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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