Best Easter Movies and Cartoons That Families Can Enjoy Together


Best Easter Movies and Cartoons That Families Can Enjoy Together

Suppose you are considering making this Easter season memorable for you and your family. In that case, you can add watching the best Easter movies and cartoons to the planned activities you have prepared for the season.

These movies can be your way of uniting your families and getting them to spend time together while having fun.

Why search for movies you can watch this season when you can access a variety of films already listed in this article?

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Watching the best easter movies might be your way of creating and having a lovely experience this easter season. You can use it to reignite an old family tradition in the Easter Night.

Movies like Hop, Barabbas, Easter Parade, The Dog Who Saved Easter, Noah, The Story of Ruth, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and many more can spice up families’ Easter schedules. Read on to get the full list of the best taste movies for this season!

Below are the best Easter movies and cartoons that families can enjoy together.

1. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit | Full Movie | Movies Anywhere

Being one of the best movies you should watch on Netflix this easter season, the movie was adapted from Beatrix Potter’s book. It is a cartoon movie with moral lessons for both kids and adults.

This movie tells about the adventure of Peter Rabbit, his triplet sisters, and his cousin in Mr. McGregor’s garden and how things later turn out in the hands of the new owner after McGregor’s death.

This is one of the best easter cartoons for kids and adults.

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2. Hop

Hop - ClickView

This is a funny coming-of-age tale about the Easter Bunny’s son, who, against his father’s wishes, wants to pursue his dream career as a rock star.

Watching this comic Easter Movie and cartoon may be a way of creating and having fun this Easter holiday.

3. The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) Full HD - Video Dailymotion

This is the story of the birth, life, death, and ministry of Jesus Christ. It was written by Fulton Oursler and Henry Denker and released in 1965 in the USA.

4. Easter Parade

Easter Parade (1948) - IMDb

This musical movie about love and romance was released in 1948, with Sydney Sheldon and Frances Goodrich as the writers.

5. Barabbas

Barabbas (TV Movie 2012) - IMDb

This is another bible related movie about Barabbas (a robber), who was spared from being crucified, and Jesus was crucified instead. After the death of Jesus, the man who died on his behalf struggled with his faith and was haunted by demons and also the face of the man who died on his behalf.

Finally, he decided to follow the Christ crucified on his behalf. This movie won the 1992 National Board of Reviews Award for Foreign Films.

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6. The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments (1956) - IMDb

This list would not be complete without this Film, which won the Oscar Award, Special Christopher Award, IFMCA Award, and many more. The Ten Commandments is an adventure and drama based on the biblical story of Moses, the Egyptian prince of Hebrew origin.

He grew up to discover his true origin and later was sent out of Egypt, where he married and had a son. Due to the turn of events, God chose him to deliver his people out of the cruel hand of the new pharaoh, and that was what took him back to Egypt.

You can watch the movies to see if he can deliver his people.

7. The Prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt | Full Movie | Movies Anywhere

This is one of the best Easter Movies and cartoons for this season that you can enjoy with your family. It is the tale of Moses, the Prince of Egypt, and how he led his people out of Egypt to the desert, where he received the Ten Commandments and the land God promised them.

The Movie featured “When You Believe,” an award-winning song by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

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8. The Dog Who Saved Easter

The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014)

Zeus’ owners are going on an Easter vacation, and Zeus, the dog, wasn’t able to join and ended up in a doggy daycare.

During his stay at the daycare, a criminal tried to sabotage his lovely moments there, but Zeus was able to save the day.

This is one of the best easter cartoons both for kids and adults alike.

9. Ben-Hur

BEN-HUR Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

This is about Judea Ben-Hur, the Jewish prince falsely accused of treason by his Roman adopted sibling who later joined the Roman Army and went off to fight in Germany.

Ben-Hur developed feelings for Esther, the family slave, but their differences did not permit them to marry legally. However, Ben-Hur declared his love for her when her father wanted to marry her and later made Esther his wife.

After some years of being in the warzone, Messala (Ben-Hur’s Roman Sibling) returned during the beginning of the rebellion of the Zealots Jews, who were tired of being subdued by the Romans.

10. Son Of God

Son of God (2014) - IMDb

This movie carefully represents the life of Jesus Christ in an interesting, inspirational and powerful manner. It was released in 2014 in the USA.

11. Noah

Noah | Rotten Tomatoes

Released in 2014 in the USA, Noah is one of the most suitable movies for kids and adults. It is acted according to the biblical Noah, who obeyed God’s command to build an Ark, which was later used to shield the humans who entered it from the flood that came after the ark was completed.

It was written by Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel and directed by Darren Aronofsky.

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12. The Story of Ruth

The Story of Ruth - Where to Watch and Stream - TV Guide

This is one of the best Christian Easter movies, helping to inculcate morals in children. It starts when Ruth, a Moabite, is exchanged for money at the Chemosh temple, where she served as Priestess for many years.

She was later married to a Judean family (Mahlon, the son of Elimelech). After tragedy struck the family, she accompanied her mother-in-law (Naomi) back to Bethlehem, where she started a new life.

This movie was released in 1960 in the USA.

13. Pieces of Easter

Watch Pieces of Easter | Prime Video

This comic easter movie is about an executive African-American Lady travelling across the country to be with the family for Easter. Her car had a mishap on the way, which could not be repaired, and she became stranded.

In her quest for help, she got to the door of a lone and isolated Farmer, who eventually agreed to help her with his old Chevy Pickup, but at a cost.

They met various misfortunes on their journey, coupled with the lady being arrogant and the farmer being grumpy. This is one of the best and most funny Easter movies to watch this Easter season.

14. Risen

Risen | Full Movie | Movies Anywhere

This movie is about a Roman Military Tribune who set out to uncover the mystery behind what happened to Jesus Christ in a bid to prove that the spreading rumour that Christ has risen was untrue.

His quest took him to places he never dreamed of and also makes him question his own beliefs and spirituality.


These are the best Easter Movies and Cartoons that families can enjoy this season. You can get these movies from various video streaming platforms, such as IMDb, Netflix, YouTube, Prime, Rotten Tomatoes, and many more.

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You can search for these movies on these platforms and enjoy the fun that accompanies them.

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