Secure Your Dream Job – Check Out the 10 Proven Body Language Tips for Job Interviews


Secure Your Dream Job – Check Out the 10 Proven Body Language Tips for Job Interviews

During job interviews, your body language plays a crucial role. Your posture, seating position, and even hand gestures convey messages about your thoughts and emotions.

Throughout the interview process, your body silently communicates with your interviewer, influencing your self-perception. Your body language in a job interview must reflect confidence, positivity, and competence.

In this article, we’ve presented you with ten tried-and-true body language tips for job interviews. By applying these techniques, you can enhance your chances of securing a promising career opportunity

10 Proven Body Language Tips for Job Interviews

10 Proven Body Language Tips for Job Interviews

Here is what your employer look out for:

1. What You Wear

Managing your job interview body language begins with choosing the appropriate interview attire. In addition to dressing appropriately, ensure that your clothing allows for ease of movement and is comfortable.

Before the interview, it’s advisable to try on your outfit to ensure it provides comfort. This practice will, in turn, contribute to your overall comfort and confidence during the interview.

2. Your Entrance Matters

Your body language can be assessed even before you have the chance to meet the hiring manager. Consider how you engage with the receptionist and the impression you may create while waiting in the reception area.

Are you visibly nervous and slouching? It’s important to remember that you never know who might be observing you. Taking a few deep breaths and adopting a relaxed yet upright sitting posture can convey a sense of composure and self-assuredness.

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3. Stand Tall

Hiring managers will observe your approach as you walk towards them. Maintain an upright posture to facilitate a confident and purposeful gait. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides and establish eye contact as you approach.

Additionally, it’s important not to juggle multiple items while walking over. You might have a resume, portfolio, water bottle, purse, or bag. Ensure that everything is well-organized and together, perhaps neatly stashed in a bag before you start walking. This will contribute to a more polished and organized appearance.

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4. Offer a Pleasant Handshake

Promptly convey your professionalism by delivering a handshake that strikes the right balance. An excessively firm handshake might be perceived as overconfident, while an overly gentle one could project timidity or fragility.

If you tend to have sweaty hands, you can ensure a dry and fresh handshake by applying antiperspirant to your palms the night before the interview. Alternatively, in a last-minute situation, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to evaporate moisture before your interview quickly.

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5. Sit Correctly

While sitting comfortably during the interview is important, adopting a posture where you slip off your shoes or tuck your legs under you may not convey the desired message. Similarly, slumping or leaning back in your chair might give the hiring manager the impression that you’re anxious or not taking the job seriously.

To maintain an appropriate posture, ensure that your back is properly supported, allowing you to sit upright comfortably. Consider leaning forward slightly and keep both feet flat on the ground to sustain this posture without fatigue. It’s advisable not to cross your legs, as it can become uncomfortable, and readjusting them may appear awkward.

Lastly, refrain from tapping your toes or bouncing your knees. While it might be a personal habit, it can be interpreted as a nervous gesture, potentially indicating a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. It could also suggest restlessness or a sense of urgency to be somewhere else.

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6. Control Your Hands

Feel guilty about finger-tapping, playing with jewellery, or picking your nails. Engaging in such interview body language can create an impression of boredom or impatience.

To minimize fidgeting, keeping your hands flat in your lap, avoiding clenched fists or gripping the chair’s arms is advisable. Alternatively, you can hold a pen in one hand and a notepad in the other, serving the dual purpose of taking notes.

While using gestures while responding to questions is acceptable, it’s important not to go overboard. Try to keep your gestures restrained and close to your body. Exaggerated arm movements could mistakenly convey anxiety or aggressiveness, even if that’s not the case.

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7. Make Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with individuals conveys attentiveness and trustworthiness while avoiding eye contact can give the impression of being evasive or anxious. However, striking the right balance is essential; prolonged staring can be just as unsettling in an interview as in any other situation.

If you have multiple interviewers present, seize the opportunity to showcase your team-oriented approach. When asked a question, direct your gaze toward the person who posed it. Then, briefly establish eye contact with others in the room before returning your focus to the individual who initially asked the question while delivering your response.

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8. Breathe

Your breathing is one place where your nerves can show. If you’re feeling nervous, your breaths may be short and shallow, making your speaking shaky and quiet. One way to get control of your racing heart is to focus on your breathing.

Before the interview, try the 4-7-8 technique, where you inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale for eight seconds. This helps you focus on breathing rather than everything jumbling in your mind. During the interview, consciously take a few deep breaths when you can fit them in to help calm yourself and lead to a steady and confident voice.

9. Smile

In job interviews and everyday interactions, individuals are naturally attracted to a cheerful countenance, and the positive chemicals released when you smile can help keep you composed and in good spirits.

Before an interview, smile in the restroom, elevator, or private setting. Even if it’s a forced smile initially, it can positively impact your mood. However, avoiding insincere or suspicious smiles in front of the interviewers is important. Instead, focus on your achievements and your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Your genuine radiance is bound to be noticed.

10. Respond

Occasionally nod to indicate your acknowledgment of the interviewer’s remarks without the need for verbal interruptions. This practice can foster a connection with the hiring manager and help you remain engaged throughout the interview.

On the contrary, gazing into the distance with unfocused eyes or remaining completely motionless may convey the impression that you are disinterested in the interview or perhaps apprehensive about the job.


I’m certain you’ll find this valuable. Applying these ten tips can significantly enhance your chances of job interview success. Body language plays a pivotal role in the job interview process. It’s crucial not to approach an interview with a frowning expression.

Additionally, your posture while walking is another vital aspect to consider. Walking with a casual demeanour won’t help you secure the job you desire. Practice and refine these skills at home before leaving for your interview.

Jael Okwuchukwu
Jael Okwuchukwu
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