Boxing Game and Health: 6 Health Benefits and 7 Risks Involved in Training and Fighting


Boxing Game and Health: Health Benefits and Risks Involved in Training and Fighting

Every sporting activity has its own health benefits and risks of which boxing game is not an exception. When it comes to boxing games and health, many health benefits/risks that are related to the game which in either way affects your physical/visual shape and coordination.

In this article, we will explain the health benefits and risks associated with this boxing game.

Health Benefits of Boxing Game

Boxing game just like other physical activities, comes with many health benefits that include:

I) Improves Muscle tone and Stamina

Boxing training improves the growth and strength of your muscles and stamina. Although it does not have any effect on your legs, the training boosts your stamina and strength leading to a better and improved body shape, muscles and looks.

II) Stress Relieve

Just like other sports and games, boxing game provides tons of activities which are of immense advantage to mental health and well-being because it also can relieve stress.

III) Improved Cardiovascular Health

Training or actively participating in boxing games generates activities which improve the well-being of the heart and contribute to the general fitness and well-being of the blood vessels.

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IV) Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

You may not have noticed that boxing game improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes because for someone to fully participate in the game, you must be focused and know when to use your hand without getting distracted or missing the target.

V) Facilitates weight loss

This is one of the best ways to burn calories in your body since boxing game is an exhausting game. It works great magic on your weight loss by making you burn the excess fats accumulated in your body.

VI) Enhance Balance and Coordination

Although your focus is on the punches coming in your direction, you maintain a steady balance not minding that you are trying to avoid the punches, these are what you would benefit from training and fighting in the boxing game.


Health Risks Involved In Boxing Game

Since a boxing game involves two opponents exchanging blows with each other, there are health risks that are associated with the game which may be traumatic. They include:

1. Eye Injury

What Are the Risks of Boxing?

As a result of the exchange of blows between two opponents which is the game setting, there is every tendency that the powerful punches may result in eye injuries.

2. Broken Bones

Every fighter or boxer is at risk of sustaining bone-related injuries such as fractures and dislocation which may occur as a result of falling after being kicked or punched. Even your facial bones and arms are not spared.

3. Teeth Injury

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Powerful punches do not only cause eye injury but they also result in the damage and dislocation of some parts of the teeth. but there are many protective devices which you can put on to protect your teeth and other parts of your body from the harm that punches may cause.

4. Brain Damage

It has been discovered that 20% of boxers suffer from chronic traumatic brain injuries, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and concussion which is caused by the constant exchange of blows which slowly damage their brain cell.

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5. You may sustain Bruises and cuts

Sometimes, boxers may sustain heavy or mild bruises and cuts courtesy of the blows and punches they receive during the fighting and subsequent training sections.

6. Chronic pain

Injuries sustained during boxing training and fights are capable of causing chronic pain to the body if not properly attended to.

7. Cardiovascular Issues may Occur

Although boxing game is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, it also has problems that it may cause to the cardiovascular system, the fighter may experience issues related to blood pressure and may also cause other cardiovascular disease development in the body.

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Boxing game goes with a lot of fun and joy especially when you always win your opponent in any boxing fight. Apart from being happy in your boxing career, there are health benefits of boxing which surprisingly improve the effective functioning of your mind and body.

But there are also some health risks that you are exposed to as a boxer which you may prevent or reduce by doing the following:

  • Regularly visit your primary care doctor to check for health issues that may hinder you from boxing and how to be fit.
  • Also, consult with your doctor before starting any training.
  • Wear protective gear to reduce the risk of heavy casualty during boxing fights and subsequent training.

Lastly, always remember to give your body enough rest at intervals or between a boxing fight and the next.


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